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It's time to create another "Looking Back" post. Time literally flies by too fast this year and 2016 has definitely been a dream. This year is full of memories and I became happier by the second. :)

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1. Be more family oriented. - I think I am almost halfway through being one. I've been so distant to family members last year and I just want to cherish moments with them even more this 2017.
2. Pray more. - I never thought that I have written these things on my resolutions list for the year... I became closer to God even more this year and I am thankful for that.
3. Have a flat stomach by the end of the year. - To be truthful, I gained a bit of weight because I stopped working out because it became an unhealthy habit... I wouldn't want to see this resolution next year because I now believe that I need to be healthier with my target. It isn't about looking good anymore. It's about being happier.
4. Proper posture. - I forget doing it sometimes though HAHAHA.
5. Save more money.
6. Stick with a blogging schedule. - Did a rule, and that is to not post any content unless I really like that content. There was a time wherein blogging has became a job, and not much of a source of happiness anymore, but I'm getting back at it. :)
7. Make the best out of everything.
8. To draw more better.


Meeting Sarah J. Maas & Morgan Matson + MIBF 2016

I finally got the chance to go to two book signings of my two favorite writers. I've got to say, the long wait may be tiring, but it is indeed worth it in the end. Both of them were so sweet and very welcoming to their readers. Manila International Book Fair in the other hand, was tons of fun! I got to meet new people and even buy books for a discounted price! Would definitely go back there next year. :)

Ateneo Football Center

Got to learn an amazing sport for the very first time. (Being with my best friend was also a plus!) I'd recommend playing football to anyone out there who's wondering. It tests your physical and mental abilities and you also meet an amazing group of people that you can even call "family".

Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar + Pinto Arts Museum

Being in these picturesque places makes me want to go back in time and also try a new hobby. Being in these places also inspired me to move forward and I got to cherish people who were with me on both of those journeys.

The Feast + Kerygma Conference 2016

Early 2016 has also been a really though time for me. (Though I wasn't very vocal about it and I even stopped believing in religion for an amount of time.) I was going that deep. The next thing I knew, my friends led me back to the arms of God and I am even stronger than I ever was because of it.

#EpilogueInManila + Meeting Seventeen

I got back to my love of K-POP. I honestly gain happiness from them, and they are also the reason why I get to find friends online and offline. This year I finally saw/met my ultimate groups, BTS and SEVENTEEN. It was a very magical moment and I can't wait to be reunited with them once again. :) 

(Watch my VLOG about this highlight here.)

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I'M MOVING TO THE GETAWAY (A blog made by me and my cousin, Yen. And I'm telling you, this one's for keeps.)

I might update here every now and then, and I'm telling you, this isn't the end of it. ;)

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