L'Oréal Ultra Sharp Super Liner | REVIEW

One day, I was looking out to buy a new eyeliner (because my NR one got all dried up and I totally DON'T recommend it) in the department store. This one from L'Oréal caught my eye.

The packaging of the product is very light (but doesn't feel 'cheap light, light') and perfect for travel. It looks just like a normal pen that you'd use for school. The packaging has a black and gold color that looks luxurious in a way and the writing doesn't really rub off much. The product is shut air-tight with the snap on cap.

Based from my observations, the product dries pretty quickly once you applied it already. It would't budge, but if you rub it with your finger, the color will fade a little. Seeing that, the eyeliner itself isn't really Jet Black either.

The application is pretty easy. It's easy to work with it if you have experience with an eyeliner before but you might experience problems while winging it out because product might not dispense as much as you'd think when creating the sharp tip if you go from in to out.

On the bright side, though this eyeliner isn't really labeled as a 24hr wear / waterproof eyeliner... but I have already used it in multiple occasions that included sweating and walking around all day and I didn't stop for one second to re-apply product because you won't need it. It stayed with me for a whole day, (around 7-8 hours of wear) and it's perfectly the same. I got it for Php 340.00 (or a little bit over than that) from the SM Store. 

I would give the product a 4/5 star rating. 

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