The Fear of Missing Out

I'm sure that I am not the only one who gets jealous whenever most of my friends go to this amazing event that I wasn't able to attend to. That's why this year, I'm challenging you to Go Out More Often.

There is a scientific study that states that materialistic things are just there to make you feel satisfied on that moment or maybe in a few days or years or so. Think about it, if you're spending your money on memories, you wouldn't really forget those things for a lifetime, right? Unlike the things that you only bought in order to go with what's "cool" these days (I feel so guilty whilst typing this) and sometimes you would forget those things and never touch them again.

Spending your money on memories not only gains happiness (that would last a lifetime) for you, but it also make you gain more life experiences and you get to bump into people that have the same interests as you. Heck, you won't even blame yourself for not being there.

I, myself made a list of the events and places that I would want to see and go to in the near future. I suggest that you guys try it as well because it acts as a motivation that keeps me going from day-to-day. If you still haven't made up your mind yet, why not check this list that I made? I think you guys might be interested in trying the following:

- Go attend a concert. (To all Filipino readers, check out In The Mix 2016 featuring acts from James Bay, The 1975, Panic! At The Disco and a whole lot more)
- Do a Euro-trip.
- Play Pokémon GO. It is also probably one of the ways for you to see your surroundings, appreciate God's gift while meeting other trainers that are near you.
- Create a local event that supports different organizations with different causes.
- Attend to a convention. (I swear, going to conventions are worth it... because EVERYTHING'S IN THERE ALREADY)

Since some countries are having their summer break, it can be an outlet for you to plan, and go to events in your area that would truly let you see life and what it has to offer. Eventbrite aims to help you with planning events through their event management software and can even ease your stress with their hassle-free RSVP tool that works seamlessly with their online ticketing, registration, and invitations in order to keep track of those who will attend your event.

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Stop the Fear Of Missing Out, and start enjoying life! Do you have any plans that you are planning to attend to in the near future? Comment down below!

A huge thank you to Eventbrite for inspiring this idea. :) See you guys real soon!

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