Lip Savers

"Who here hates dry, chapped lips?"...*raises hand*—and I know that I am not the only one. ;)

Since the matte liquid lipstick's boom the past year, we need to take good care of our lips because these things might suck the living daylights out of them and I am here to SAVE YOU.

The following products are my ultimate LIP SAVERS that really worked for me. (I also have been using these products for years now and I 100% recommend it to everyone else.)

Among the three on my list, the Maybelline Baby Lips is the most affordable. Some might say that this is an underdog in this one, but It works just as well. It's very travel-friendly, anyone can basically purchase this from anywhere, and you have a lot of color (and flavor/scent) options to choose from!

This is something that I have for quite long enough now... and it took me a while to discover its magic. I've been using this every morning, and every night since last year and it definitely worked for me. I strongly believe that MAC can never go wrong with their lip products. :)

Out of the three, this is my most favorite. It acts as a barrier for feathering when you have your lip products on and it INSTANTLY changes the texture of your lips and your lip products will glide on smoothly afterwards. The only down-side of this one is that the price is a little bit too much to spend a lip balm for.

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