I finally took a step back and checked all the products in my bathroom... and you guessed it, there were EMPTIES. I don't know how to express it but there is definitely something special with finishing a jar / a pan / a bottle of something. Let me share some of them with you. :)

   I really love the smell of this one and it definitely works. It made my dull, straight hair into bouncy waves that smell like Argan oil all day especially when paired with the line's shampoo as well. :)

   One of my all time favorite products. I finished this one already because sometimes I really need to freshen up a bit since the summer heat just gets to me. I even use this product as my moisturizer now. Since it's lightweight, it is friendly with people who has oily skin type like me. Definitely worth checking out.

| NIVEA DEEP PORE CONTROL TONER - Department Stores Nationwide
   The one that I used up might probably be expire already. I can't find this one anywhere. (Maybe they changed the packaging or they discontinued it) [Even though] It's [probably] expired, it still cleansed my skin like no other. This was my very first toner to ever try in my life and I read somewhere that I wasn't supposed to use one. So I stopped using it already and let other housemates use it for themselves. But my skin kind of changed and now, I bought a newer toner that really works it's claims. You'll probably see it soon enough if I already builded up my proper skin care routine in the future.

| ASIAN SECRETS LULUR BODY SCRUB - Natasha Representatives or SM Department Store
   I need a cheap, but good smelling body scrub to exfoliate dry skin. I came across this one and tried it. It's relatively cheap, smells okay, and does the job. It's very mild so it doesn't really irritate your skin much. It claims to whiten skin, I'm not so sure about that though.

   A holy grail product. I also use it to moisturize my elbows and knees. Go get one already. Go, go, go!

| POND'S FLAWLESS WHITE LIGHTENING DAY CREAM - Department Stores and Supermarkets Nationwide
   Lightening is just a term. It gives off a white cast all over your face and it looks weird when you apply too much. This is my very first moisturizer and I finished 2 jars of this one in the past. It was quite good. Has a powdered finish (so if you're not so fond of makeup, this one's for you) pretty much works with anyone. The smell's great but the jar isn't very hygienic.

| CELETEQUE HYDRATION FACE WASH - Department Stores Nationwide
   Pretty easy to find, pretty cheap but more than good enough for it's price. This is my go-to cleanser whenever I need to travel. It doesn't feel as if it's tearing your skin down, and it's hypo-allergenic. What more do you ask for?

+ + +

I hope that you will try some of the things that I added here on my 2nd Empties list! :) I personally recommend the hand cream and the facial cleanser. Those two are the bomb. Do you have current product empties? Leave them in the comments below! 

If you want to be featured in a blog post slash a Q&A video, feel free to ask questions here. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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