A Raconteur's Rundown V 2.1

It's definitely high time for a new Raconteur's Rundown. I have to admit, I haven't been hands-on with my blog lately because I am 'very' busy with school works and other projects that I intend to do. I am trying my best, and I'd like to apologize with my posting schedule because it's a little bit off than usual. Anywho, let's get on to this one. :)

[ 1 ]

This is me and my friend's lifeline for the past few months now. Last April, I decided to fulfill my long term goal of trying a sport (and actually not giving up on it ONCE) I'm very happy that I tried playing football because it was one of the best things that has happened in my life so far and I get to meet amazing people that I'm planning to keep in the long run. :)

[ 2 ]

I'd be lying if I said that this book didn't change my point of view in life. Everybody crosses a book wherein they think that everybody should be reading this. As for me, this the book that I'd like everyone to check out. The life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo changed my perception and made me hate myself so much. With the help of this book, I started to eliminate things that I do not need and I'm on my way to minimalism. (Though it's honestly hard, I will still pursue it as much as I can and I hope you do, too.)

[ 3 ]

I've been a k-pop fan wayyyy back when Girl's Generation released "Gee", and 2NE1 released "I don't care" on the air waves. I didn't anticipate it, but the love finally grew back. I'm now stanning amazing groups that kept me smiling each and every single day. Korean pop isn't the only thing that came from Korea that stole my heart. I've been watching K-dramas lately (and yup, I'm still stuck with "The Heirs") and the way that they do their makeup is very cute and minimal that made me just want to try it. x

[ 4 ]

Last April, I got my hair colored for the very first time. I've tried hair chalk for my hair before and green looks good on me. I'm proud to say that my hair didn't really lose much of its color when I had it because I've been protecting it with MY LIFE. (If you want a hair care routine for color-treated hair, just let me know haha) Unfortunately, I needed to color it back to a dark brown color because our school doesn't allow vibrant hair colors in campus. I'm planning on doing a pastel purple next year. :D

[ 5 ]

During the summer, food trips had been inevitable. We've been trying a lot of famous stores that circles our perimeter. My personal favorite (right now) is WICKED KITCHEN (located in Maginhawa street) and TRI-MO SHAWARMA (located in Lagro, Q.C.) I suggest you and your family try going out for some food trip sometime. I suggest going to a food park in order to get a better range of selection in one place.

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That will be it for now! :) Thank you for reading and I'll see you on the next blog post! :D

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