How to Plan Your Outfits

Here's why I started outfit planning...

I have never been the person to rock a really good outfit choice each and every time. I don't give a damn about how I wear things 5 years ago, but being in this society in this generation opened my eyes to something more great—expressing myself through the things I wear. It's definitely hard to find something that would pair up with another. I keep on buying matching things (or things being worn by mannequins) to prevent styling them... so I really praise fashion bloggers for their dedication with their work. But it's not too late to start styling clothes my way, right? :)

| The Benefits of Outfit Planning

- No need to worry about what you're going to wear on the spot. (Less stress!)
- It stops you from saying "I have nothing to wear!"
- Cleaner closet.
- It generally makes life easier.

| How To do it

- Plan your schedule ahead.

     Know the events that you need to be in this month. Think about ideal outfits for every kind of event along the way.

- Get hangers.

I guess it's optional if you want to fold your clothes... but I personally prefer using hangers so that I have easy access to the clothes that I'm planning to wear.

- Create / reserve an area that will separate your clothes from your "planned" outfits.

You can also add a rack for your chosen outfits so you can identify them easily and for them to not get mixed up with your regular clothes.

- Organize all of your clothes in anyway you like. (+ Declutter when you can)

Try organizing them by color, by style or in any way that works for you. In the process of doing so, take out the clothes that you will most likely never going to wear again. Donate them to a local charity to help others out instead.

- Know the clothes that you own.

This is one of the steps that are very crucial for this process. In order to style things, you need to know that you own them for easier mix & match sessions. If you're having trouble with remembering the clothes inside your closet, here are some apps that could help you with that. :)

- Do research and take inspiration from others.

To get a basic idea that those things can be paired with those. Try flipping through magazines, checking out pinterest, tumblr, or just plain google. 

- You're all set.

With all those things in mind, you can now live an easier life with no worries.

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I hope that this post helped you / encouraged you when it comes to planning outfits. If you want to be featured on a future Q&A video / post, leave your questions here. I'll see you soon, friends!

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