Happy 2nd Birthday, Arapostrophe.

This blog post might not be lengthy... nor full of surprises. For this week's blog post, I just wanted to commemorate this blog's 2 years of existence (+ post a new video on youtube & a photo diary to accompany it [which will be posted next week]) . I've never done a birthday blog post last year with the reason that I honestly never thought that I would be this 'hands-on' with a blog before; because sticking with one single site to open my blog is a big challenge. 

I've started with Blog.com (I don't even know if it's still alive to this day) then tumblr; In order to share my insights about different things. I just opened up one to serve as a personal diary for me. So that I can look back on the things that I've done. The thought of sharing things with others scares me but I decided to end that fear last late-2012 to 2013. I started with 20+ blogs to get things straight and started a legitimate blog through Weebly. I started sharing stuff on there. My friends started to find out about it and it feels great to find out that they read my blog even if Weebly's statistics aren't on point. HAHA x

Now we're up to 6,280 page views and counting. With collaborators and readers from Philippines, United States, Indonesia, Russia, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Denmark and more. I'm so happy that you guys read through my blog and I'm proud to call each and everyone of you as my friends. Online, and offline. 

I wouldn't reach this milestone without your help. Thank you so much.

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