Disappointing Products | 2016

Hey everyone! I feel like I rarely talk about the things that I don't like in this blog... so I decided to post my very first "disappointing" products list.

I really wanted to buy one of these for so long. To be honest, the only thing that made me buy this thing is the hype on youtube, and its beautiful packaging. I realized that it is very bulky to bring with you anywhere you go and the product just doesn't work for me. Yes, it hydrates for a while... but when I stopped using this product consecutively, my lips are back to being chapped again. The fragrance and taste of this lip balm is also very fake tasting/smelling. 

This product has only a few range of colors. (I think we only have two options here in the Philippines) and the "dark brown" shade was too red for me; it ended up not looking natural. It's not blendable, it gives off sharp lines whenever I use it.


Me and my family browsed through one of Japan Homes Centre's branch in Quezon City when I bumped into this one. I needed a good mousse to hold my hair because we are going to perform something in our school a few days after. I picked this up and tried it. Unfortunately, it wasn't strong enough to hold my hair and it just didn't do what it is supposed to.

I was excited to try my very first eye pencil. I saw this and quickly purchased one. Thinking that it would be easier for me to use since it's an eye pencil. When I finally saw it in real life, it has a few amount of product only. I think that it's a little bit overpriced for its price. It's hard to blend which cause build-up on the lid whenever I apply it on.

I first found out about this style of gel eyeliners because of Tony Moly. My aunt has one and she let me use it for a good amount of time. I fell in love with it so I ventured out into gel eyeliners. I saw this one from NR, bought it, and tried it right away. At first, the product was really living up to what i wanted. It glides on properly and all that... but after a few more uses, It started to dry up. I even revived it by adding olive oil into the mixture. It did help, but it was way too messy to do those things over and over again. Even after all that, It still ended up drying and even gets chunky to the point that it couldn't even produce a solid line without messing up. I also tried going out with this, but all it did was smudge. :( 

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I hope that it isn't too weird to see products that I'm not fond of every once in a while. Thank you for reading through this blog post and let me know if you had a different experience with these products before. I'll see you on the next post!

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