Melvita L'Or Bio Sparkling Oil | REVIEW

Hello everyone! I'm finally reviewing a skin care product for you. I've been using it non-stop in order to really see its effects on my face, body and hair. The French Melvita site states that this product has  5 different oils—Argan oil from Morocco, Kendi oil, Inca Inchi oil, Buriti oil and Pracaxi oil. The product promises a healthy glow from the skin, additional brilliance and strength to the hair and regeneration and nourishing properties for the skin. I'm instantly sold.

Melvita is a brand created by Mr. Bernard Chevilliat in 1983. All of their products are 100% natural, which makes them one of the leading French brands who make organic skin care products. I honestly haven't heard of the brand 'till a couple of months back when I received this beauty oil from a family friend. I think that Melvita is only available in limited countries around the world... which makes it hard for buyers.

Let's talk about the packaging first.

The bottle is super luxurious. The product is contained inside a glass bottle. It has a gold plastic cap which snaps onto the bottle, so you don't need to panic; the bottle keeps the product from spilling. :) The only downfall of the packaging is the sprayer. I tried to use the sprayer last night and it (kind of) got clogged. I don't know if it's clogged...? or I just tried to spray it from different angles which made the sprayer that way... but It's okay now. There are times when the product leaks from the sprayer. It can get a bit messy, but it won't pool down the bottle.

They only sell this product in 100ml for 32 € (according to their French website) / ₱ 1,661. 11 (from conversion) / $ 35. 85 (from conversion). I personally think that the price is cheap enough to get 5 oils in one bottle. They're generous with this one and I like it. The product is liquid-y and includes a lot of copper glitters.

P R O B L E M  A R E A S
|  F A C E
- I want luminosity since I've been sleeping later than usual and I wake up very early because of practices. (My under eye area gives everything away haha!)
- I want hydration on some points of my face. (There are dry patches on my nose.)

*Take note: I have oily to combination skin

|  H A I R
- Hair-fall (ugh.)
- Un-ruly hair

*Take note: I don't have color treated hair. (During the review process)

|  B O D Y
- Dry areas

T H E  A F T E R M A T H 

|  F A C E
- I wash my face every morning to take the product off of my face. The glitters don't seem to be that brighter, and the copper-color isn't there anymore. Washing my face generally takes most of the glitters away. Some of them may stay, but they aren't noticeable.
- The application of my skin care products tends to glide on smoothly than normal. (I'm dealing with an extremely creamy moisturizer here, and it didn't even streak down my face!) With just one use, this is brilliant!
- It doesn't break me out. (Even after continous use)
- my face doesn't look tired at all. It even looks glowy now.

|  H A I R 
- My hair feels soft, bouncy, shiny.

|  B O D Y
- Smooth surface. (I tried it with my left hand and compared it with my right hand the next day)

+ + +

I hope that you liked this new review! I was so skeptical on making one for a skincare product, but It turns out to be great! :) I would recommend this product to anyone and If you want to ask me questions, send 'em here. :)

See you soon!

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