Copping Copper

Here's an editorial blog post! I won't talk much in this one but I just really want to let you know that I've been loving these two rings from Copperazo. I purchased these rings last year when we went on our trip to Pico de Loro. I quickly fell in love with the owner's works so I asked my mom to buy me one.

 I just want to show them to you and to let you guys know that there are Pinoy brands that make exceptional pieces. To make things short, I want to encourage you guys to check out Filipino-made products to support our fellow Filipinos and share them with the world.

By the way, this isn't a sponsored post. I just really love them. That's all. I hoped you enjoyed seeing this simple blog post and try looking at Copperazo's page here to see more of their work. I'll see ya on the next post! :)

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