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Since March is up and coming, I decided to create a Travel Bucket List type of post. I'm in a constant crave for traveling... It has been a while since I legitimately traveled (& had a stay-cation). The last one is probably my trip to Pico De Loro last year. 

I've been eyeing these places for a while now and I figured that you guys might want to check it out too. We'll probably see each other there someday... you'll never know ;)

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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter | Osaka, JP

You guys probably don't know that I'm in love with J.K. Rowling's work of fiction. (I still strongly believe that Wizards are real though...) I remember being scared when I first saw the opening sequence of Sorcerer's Stone on T.V. (ahhh, good ol' days) and when I finished the series, It was surreal. I've re-read the first 4 books twice and I'm still in love with it. When I learned about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida, I wanted to go right away. BUT OF COURSE I CAN'T—and the struggle was real. Then I found out a couple of years back, that they opened the exact same thing on USJ in Osaka. I instantly want to go back to Japan and visit this one. I can't wait to taste butterbeer and get my Slytherin robes.

Banaue Rice Terraces | Ifugao, PH

One of my priorities on this year and beyond that. I wanted to see this wonder since I was young and I'm afraid that this one will eventually get torn apart by pollution. I wanted to at least get a glimpse of this whenever we decided to go to Sagada. Sagada is a place that is (kind-of) near Banaue. All you need is a trusty jeepney and you can go from there. The terraces aren't the only ones that I want to visit from there. I want to trek Echo Valley—see the hanging coffins, be like JM and Angelica (HAHAHAHA), and see more of their culture and way of living.

El Nido | Palawan, PH

Last 2012, I told myself that I would risk everything just to live in Palawan. It's my personal sanctuary. We've been to Puerto Prinsesa and gosh, I was greatly surprised with how beautiful that place is. The people are great, they have a great array of tourist spots, and the place is extremely magical. I never knew about El Nido until we came back from our Puerto Prinsesa trip. Through google images, I can see the beauty that El Nido holds and I was instantly magnetized by it. Needless to say, I want to go there. I really want to go there. I can't wait to kayak, speedboat through the beautiful scenery of the beach.

Ha Long Bay | Quang Ninh, VN

I caught a glimpse of this one through Haus of Colors' camera lenses. She went here to go back to her roots. I came to her video knowing that I'll find myself there too. I want to visit this place while it's misty. I want to see the mountains through the fog. (I know it sound dangerous, but I'll trust the one who drives the boat) It looks like a scenery from my favorite films like, How to Train Your Dragon and Avatar. I want to see the beauty of these chunks of stones in real life.

Mayon Volcano | Bicol, PH

The perfect cone-shaped volcano. Going here is a dream of mine for so long now. I told myself that I'll never let a dish of Bicol Express inside my mouth 'till I'm eating it while overlooking the Mayon Volcano from afar. (If you're wondering if I'm still holding on to that, yes I am—and yes, I am serious about it) Being a lover of spicy foods, I want to try different delicacies from this part of my country and I also wanted to visit the butandings (whale sharks) near the Bicol region. 

Zao Fox Village | Shiroishi, JP

Foxes are my spirit animals AND AREN'T THEY CUTE AS F***?! I think that I couldn't say more about these guys. They're nice and fluffy and cute and adorable and I'm running out of adjectives to persuade you. You probably are persuaded by now... I guess? This fox village lets you interact with foxes. Cuddle them and feed them at the same time. They're not dangerous as long as you are not threatening them or anything. 

Notre-Dame Basilica | Saigon, VN

It wouldn't take a lot to visit a European-style Basilica that's near the Philippines. Not that I only want to see the beauty of architectural design of this Basilica, but I want to come to Saigon to learn more about its past. The Battle of Saigon is the thing that I was greatly interested about. I want to know what happened and visit museums that tells the stories from the past.

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That is all for my first Bucket List post. I've been wanting to do this for so long now and I almost forgot about it. Catch me on snapchat (arapostrophe) to see my daily adventures and dogs, too! 

P.S. The next week's blog post might be a little late than usual. The first 3 weeks of March is one heck of a heavy one. I'll probably do a ARR soon. You gotta know things. x

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