Meeting Sarah J. Maas

Since my blog has an outlet for books and such, I decided to blog about meeting an author for the very first time.

WARNING: This is a chatty blog post :)

It all started with waking up at around 5 am during a Sunday. Not a favorite time period, but it works. Me and my friend generally planned on going there at around 7:30 am. I decided to follow a thread full of tweets about the event, which is #SJMaasinPH; and I saw the people are over 100 now. The event only has a 350 person limit. Which is really unfortunate because Sarah is a well-known author and I'm sure that she has tons of readers in our country. But anyway, she'll probably be back hehe :)

I called my friend up and told her about the number of people at the venue, camping out and lining up patiently. I woke my father and told him that we're planning on going there at around 6 something. Thank the 7 gods of Westeros, we arrived on time.

My umber was 259 and Sheena was at the 270 mark. We waited until 10:00 am to register our books. They only accept books that are bought from National Bookstore, so one of my books are illegible since my friend bought it from Fully Booked. I decided to buy ACOTAR since the new book is coming up soon... and that there are only 3 books per person that can be signed by the author. 1 personalized, and the other 2 are just signed.

We decided to eat lunch in the nearby mall to just tick off the waiting time. The event starts on 2pm so we still have enough time to eat and go around the huge mall that we're in. We ate in Army Navy—a personal favorite; and surprised because Sheena hasn't tried their food yet. 

We went into Bershka, Landmark, Etude House and other sport goods shops that might sell shoes for football.

(omg i'm fangirling)

Afterwards, we went back to National Bookstore and got seated. She finally came on 2pm sharp. There was a little bit of a Q&A going on, thank everyone that they didn't give much of the story out. lol! #PapaMaas was also there. He was very supportive of Sarah and got a little fan base who asked for his autograph. (Sadly, we didn't got the chance to line up, 'cause we're running out of time a.k.a. we need to go back home)

We waited for a couple of hours. Our number was still at around 260+ and there are limited things that you can do while waiting. They have this coffee shop inside the bookstore which is Illy. I think I have heard of that brand before, but I haven't tried ordering from them yet; so Sheena and I decided to order up some drinks. Not my fave.

Anyway, it still gave me a sugar-rush, which I badly need that time. We waited until our number is called and there she was. 

I told her that she was "boo-tiful" and she laughed with my joke. (I asked her if she wanted to hear a pick-up line; she said yes anddd.... I don't want to tell you the rest 'cause you'll probably laugh at me) Anyway, I asked her if she could bring a certain character back, but she said everything that happened was done, and those events couldn't be taken back. I told her that she's going deep, and we both laughed.

Meeting her was a surreal experience. She was incredibly nice and I respect her for being so patient and not being bored nor annoyed with sitting through the whole day, signing books and all. 

What was your experience with meeting an author before? Share your stories down in the comment section! :)

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