A Raconteur's Rundown v 2.0

Since my last "Raconteur's Rundown" has been months, I decided to create one for this week's post.

[ 1 ]

I got the opportunity to run as a Public Relations Officer in our high school's Student Government. Unfortunately, I didn't won, but in the end, I still managed to create a new family that I could always count on and I also faced fears that I never thought I could. (P.S. I'm still an associate for the next school year, which means... I could still be with them the whole time!)

[ 2 ]

I should probably study because I'm going to take an advanced test this coming week... but heck, all I did was watch Himouto Umaru-chan all day, err-day. This anime follows a girl named Umaru. She's a sweetheart, she's cute, she's popular, a.k.a. all girls in this world ever wants to be; but when she reaches her home, her brother is faced with this chibi-style girl who just plays FPS' and eats her chips with cola all day, err-day. I can relate to it somehow... that's probably the reason why I'm watching it. :)

[ 3 ]

My dog, (Caspar) and my cousin's husky, Winter; finally had a family and one of their fruits is this cute (but terrible) baby husky named Kylo Ren. I didn't think that his name would be fitting for him at first, because we all know that a new puppy is nice and quiet and easy to handle. But dear oreos, he is one heck of a puppy to look after. I cannot stand just being with him alone because he'll continue to chew on my arm, my fingers and feet. Even if I kinda did a rant about him just now, I still love him. (AND LOOK AT HIS EYESSSS)

[ 4 ]

I got into watercolors after seeing artists draw on youtube. I've always drawn before... but I was never good with colors. So I grabbed most of my free time to create my own art kit and did stuff. (which I'm probably going to show you really soon)

[ 5 ]

Me and my friends went to Maginhawa Street for the very first time. I was really excited about going there because it is like a food (street) capital in Manila. The shops there are very interesting. I think anyone won't be bored of that place. I enjoyed The Nook since they have Slytherin robesand a cool Harry Potter themed concept. We also went to different places and I will make sure to be back real soon.

+ + +

That will be all for my very first Raconteur's Rundown for the year. I hope that I'll get to see you on the next one. Stay awesome :)

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