Valentine Reads

Since Valentine's Day is tomorrow, (and of course, why would I have a valentine? hahaha lol) All I plan to do is just pamper up, and read some YA books that would probably make me giddy from morning 'till night.

So I chose 4 books that I haven't read yet so, I'm going to add my impressions about it to make this post a tad bit more interesting. I think that it will be a little cool for us to read the same things this February that's why I aimed to post this one out.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
Benjamin Alire Sáenz

The book tells a story about two guys named Aristotle (An angry teen who has a brother in prison) and Dante (A person who looks at the world unusually) have crossed paths at a swimming pool and they realized that their friendship isn't something normal... it's a type that changes their life.

Impression / Expectations:
I think that this book is romantic in a way. It feels great to read a bit more of contemporary reads in my life because I never really gravitate towards that type of genre most of the times. I think that I will learn tons of life lessons on this one. I might annotate this one.( Ohhhh! I want to!)

Lola and the Boy Next Door
Stephanie Perkins

Lola is a budding costume designer and is having the time of her life with her really hot rocker boyfriend... until the Bell twins came back. One of the twins finds a way to revive what has happened between him and Lola in the past. Will she fall for him once again?

Impression / Expectations:
Stephanie Perkins. The goddess of romantic contemporary reads. I loved Anna and the French Kiss so I really have a high expectation for this one. It's exciting to see a character which has her stepped out from the shadows to be someone bubbly(?) and creative. A type whom you'll never forget. All I hope is that this will make me giggle as much as AATFK. That's all.

Stephenie Meyer

All Bella knows is that this guy is a vampire. That a dominant part of him wanted to feed on her blood and third, she knows that she is unconditionally in love with him.

Impression / Expectations:
I have read almost half-way through this when the movie first came out. I was so stoked for this one but my love for reading isn't really working properly so It felt as if tackling The Order of The Phoenix. I'm planning on reading this one because it has opened me up into buying more books when I was younger and I definitely fell in love with the characters in the movie, that's why I felt like i would really enjoy this one if I gave it another shot.

Confessions of A Shopaholic
Sophie Kinsella

Rebecca Bloomwood works for a savings magazine, (which bores the living day lights out of her all the time) but she has this weakness for shopping. A bank has been reaching her for several times now, trying to get her attention to her card bills and overdoes... but a thing happened that will transform her life forever.

Impression / Expectations:

I bought this when I was traveling towards Mactan, Cebu, with the hopes of finishing a book as a way to relax me and get my mind out of swimming. I really expect a lot from this one since I have watched the film and fell in love with it. I want to know if my old thoughts about COAS is still the same as now.

+ + +

These are some of the books that I'll be reading this month. I hope that you guys enjoyed this post even if its simple. If you want to ask me questions, leave them here. You might be on my next video or post :)

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