Since it has been a while since I made a post full of favorites. So I figured to do this. Welcome to Product Empties #1 :)

I was definitely in love with the musky scent that this gives off. It plays a little bit of haphazardness to its (kind-of) sweet scent. This bottle has been with me for years now, and I have finally finished it. Speaking of the bottle, the packaging on this one is freaking gorgeous and it's relatively cheap too. The only con to this one is that the scent never really lasted for a huge amount of time. If you want the smell to keep on going, you gotta spritz it a couple times a day.

My hair savior. Batiste is the first dry shampoo I've ever tried and I was a hundred percent sure that it was the best on the market. The scent is kind of citrus-y and leaves a white cast after spraying it too your roots. The cast was fine, it didn't look as if you have dandruff all over your hair. It was not cheap when it comes to pricing though. I think I bought it for 700 pesos from Beauty Teeps but there are cheaper options on the market. I'm going to try the cheaper options for the coming months. I'm going to find other brands that are not that hard to find in the country; take the availability off the criteria, then we'll have the best dry shampoo, ever.

A perfume stick is a traveler's best friend. I think I bought this one way back on our trip to Singapore a couple of years back. I don't want to bring tons of liquids—traveling by plane taught me that. Can we just talk about how cute this is? and the line even comes in different forms, too. A variety of personalities to match yours.

My best friend since the 7th grade. I call this one "Percy Jackson" (please tell me you get the joke :c ) and I would probably buy tons of these after I finish my other VS body spray. I got nothing else to say anymore. hahaha

Probably my second loved hand cream ever. It would be the first if it weren't for the bulky packaging... but that is what makes it unique. Etude House has different kinds of scents to choose from and every single product is housed on different kinds of animals. If you haven't tried anything from Etude House yet, make sure to pick one up on your next visit. :)

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That is it for today's post. I hope you liked this really simple blog post. It's a fresh way of showing off your favorites. If you have a post like this one, leave a link below! I wanna check it out. :) Thank you for reading and I'll see you next time!

PS. If you want to be featured on my future Q&A post, (or video) feel free to ask me questions here.

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