Young Vibes

You're probably wondering about what this post is about. It's basically a mood board. I felt like making one that is just simple and not too full of pictures in it + short explanations on each. This mood board was inspired by nature-tones and living the way that youngsters do... and yup, that's my hand writing.

A friend of mine made me watch Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren's videos on youtube and they are like the perfect couple that you want to be someday in the future. I know that that's not their "real lives", but just look at them, going to these amazing locations just to surf or skydive... goals, bro.

I also added them here because they make me remember that summer is right around in the corner and I'm very excited about it.

Kehlani is my new queen. Her album, You Should Be Here is my go-to album to listen to. The tracks, You Should Be Here, The Letter and Runnin' - Interlude are my absolute favorites.

In my free time, I mostly just surf around pinterest, kill time while searching house decor ideas. I'm all into textures (bricked, marbled, etc.) + something that's clean like stone or cement. Earth-tones are probably the way to go this year. I felt like a good set of earth toned hues will bring everything together in a space that needs a little bit more of a touch.

My forever #WCW is the one, and only, Desi Perkins! Her highlight, brows, and eye looks are always on fleek. She da bomb dot com. A dream of mine includes her, glomming me up for my prom dance. (Anyone can dream!)

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If you want to ask me questions for a future Q&A post, (or video!) feel free to send me a question here.

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