MONOMOLA LIP TATTOO | First Impressions + Review

So, a first impressions blog post. I haven't done anything like this before and I'm hoping that I'm good at this.

You might've probably heard things about sticky lipsticks, lip stains that lasts forever, lip tattoos, and a whole lot of names that people call them. A friend of mine has given me a chance to try this out and I grabbed it right away.

My one and only expectation was it would stay (kind-of) all day long orrr the stain was tough to take off.

Initial Thoughts:

- Packaging is great.
- The product is kind of runny.
- I was taken aback by the color and the consistency and color of the  product.

The packaging looks very lively it also is a type of product that you can just carry around wherever you'll go. Even if the product itself is runny, the cap on it prevents certain accidents from happening.

The Lip Tattoo looks and feels like glue with color. It was kind of hard to apply because it tends to get messy. (I'll try using is with a lip brush next time around haha) I got the product all over my two front teeth because I wasn't used to these toes of products. The color is buildable, and I suggest to apply a few coats of it neatly on your lips to make the 'peeling-off' stage a bit more easy.

During your 10-15 minutes of drying, you'll feel the product settle down on your lips and tighten. If you have dry or chapped lips, I suggest using a lip balm before applying this product on your lips. There might be some instances that you'll tug on your lips and it might bleed, so be careful!

The peeling process was very satisfying. (Oh gosh, I feel so weird typing that HAHAHA. But IT'S THE TRUTH.) It leaves out a stain of the color that would last for a couple of hours. I applied this at night so I never really got to make sure its time of wear. It doesn't feel as if you have something on the top of your lips.

Huge thanks to my friend, Madi (Check out her links below!) for letting me borrow this (weird) but awesome thing. Hahaha! :)

Thank you guys for reading this quick first impressions + review of the Monomola Lip Tattoo and I'll see you and the next post!

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