My Christmas Wishlist | 2015

I feel so mighty now that I have created a new post after the other. Hello, friends! (or family members) I'm glad to present to you, my Christmas Wish list! I remember leaving a draft for last year's and my draft just never made the cut but here I am with the 2015 version and I hope that you get around into getting me one. Hahahaha! Just kidding :) (But seriously a wish list is meant for that specific reason... so... hehe... you already know!)

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1 | Mary-Lou Manizer - TheBalm Cosmetics
I really wanted a good highlighter for so long. I thought I bought one already, but it turns out that I didn't. I tried using cheap 'highlighters' but it doesn't give me the strobe of light that I wanted to see. I've been looking out for this particular product for so long, but I don't have the money to purchase it for myself. Hahaha!

2 | Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas (or any other book in my scope) - NBS or Fully Booked
Books. The thing that I'm always looking forward to in a month. I need to settle my reading habit down—a.k.a. just buying books whenever I'm down with 2 or more. Me and friend wanted to read the Throne of Glass series for so long... *ehem* *ehem* We really want this.

3 | H&M Advent Calendar (or any advent calendar for that matter) - H&M
I actually wanted the Star Wars one... or the Body Shop one.... or maybe the H&M one... or perhaps anything that goes under the category of Advent Calendars or a gift everyday will do. Lol just kidding! (P.S. Guys, an Advent Calendar would make a great D.I.Y. project for your loved one. Start small and end with big items!)

4 | Jordan 1.5 "The Return" in Chicago Color way - Sneakerhead
I wanted to find a shoe that represents Christmas in some way. The same thing I did last year when I copped my Toro Bravo 4's. I found out that the Jordan brand released a hybrid of the first and the second shoe in the series. I was sold when I saw the color way that it comes with. Instant pick-up for J collectors. I'm planning on ordering one this week (as of writing) and It will serve as a gift from me to myself because I've been saving up for so long now.

5 | Badlands Deluxe Album by HALSEY - iTunes
I'm obsessed with HALSEY. dkdnlenwricgbgnt. This is part of my wish list as well as JB's new album; 'Purpose'. Dude, they're taking the world by singing storms!!

6 | Taupe Lipstick - MAC
Been looking out for this for months now. I'm scared to go inside a MAC store by myself because they are just so intimidating. Anyway, this color is what I'll (or anyone of you reading this) pick up soon. Hehehe :)

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That would be all. Gosh, I asked for too much; but anyone can dream, right? :)

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