My Top 5 Fall Lipsticks

Hello guys!

I'm back with a Top 5. I noticed that most audiences love these types of post and I came up with 5 lipsticks from my stash that just incorporates with the fall theme.

Thank penguins that my stash has a good range of berry-toned shades. I included a brown lip, an orange one, and three plum-colored lippies.

+ + +

Spirit is more of a brown-y toned lipstick with a hint of mauve. It may look toasted in the tube, but I swear to you, like any other lipsticks, the color may depend on your natural lip color. As for me, this color came out as a muted light brown shade that could mostly be partnered with many dark nude lip liners. (Which I'm all for!) It's also kind of pale, and not too va-va-voom; so you could definitely use it everyday.

As for raspberry colors, my personal favorite would be this one. I feel like this color could be worn by many people whether if they use it on a day or at night, It could complement them really well. This lippie has a mix of plum, raspberry, pink and red. Unfortunately, this thing is a high-end lipstick, so I found a lot of dupes for the color on Milani's website. So check that out. :)

AVON Enduring Sable

I can't find this thing online, but I'm 100% sure that you could still buy this exact cool from an Avon representative. This one right here smells of gummy bears and other gummy-candies. I love this thing because it's enriched with vitamins that wouldn't dry your lips out. It is indeed glossy, has a lightly sheer color that you can definitely build up by adding more product on your lips. It is more on the orange shades of lipstick and it is also cheap—that's why anyone could try it.

Oh my. This is one of the most-talked-about lip colors from Mac and everybody has been searching dupes for this. (There are a lot!) But that wouldn't stop me from adding this here. Mac Rebel has been loved my many people even before. It truly complements every skin colors and can be a representation of a perfect autumn lip. It might scare you because it is too showy, (I admit that i was intimidated at first) but guyssssss!!!! This is a must-have. It's perfect for night outs and just going through the forest searching for branches to get the fire going. It can be worn on a day out, but I personally think that the color is just too showy for mornings. 

This is a sheer, light-weight product that also can be worn by anyone. It stains your lips but transfers easily as well... so you might re-apply this a lot if you like the real color to stay put. It's a very dark, violet shade that is infused with glitters. Completely moisturizing and completely worth the money. 

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I hope that you enjoyed this Top 5 post! I'm so excited to do more of these soon. I'm starting to get back on my blogging pace (I also hope that It will continue) and I'm excited to write and shoot things for you guys. Here's a little thing, though. We have our tests coming up that might result to a late post. But I will definitely try to get one in there for once haha!

Thank you for reading and I'll see you on the next post. Ciao!

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