Since my dad and I were bored yesterday, we decided to keep our Halloween spirits up by craving out pumpkins. It was my first time since pumpkin-carving isn't a thing in our country. We don't even have pumpkins (a.k.a. cultivar squashes) for sale here... so, finding a squash to fit the job seems impossible; but we managed to find some that would just be enough for this whole thing.

I started by getting the things I need. 'Course you'll need a squash / pumpkin, a marker or a pen, a series of knives, tea light candle, newspapers, a lighter or a match, spoon (optional) and gloves (optional)

I drew on the design that I wanted using a pen of some sort. I sticked to the normal three-triangled jack-o-lantern because I was afraid of screwing up.

Next is I took out the top of the pumpkin. GUYS. YOU SHOULDN'T DO IT THIS WAY. Your pumpkin will not be able to be covered properly. Instead, go ahead and use the knife to cut it horizontally with a bit of the top off to make it look as if you have a soup bowl that could be easily covered with a cover. < I learnt everything the hard way. Butttttt, if you have made the same mistake as me, get the core and add toothpicks on it so it could stand on top of the pumpkin. Easy-peasy.


Once the core is off, go ahead and hallow your pumpkin by using a spoon (or with the help of a knife if the seeds are too caught up) and take it out and set them aside. (If you have followed my 'learned-that-the-hard-way' explanation, if will be a bit easier for you to clear the pumpkin because you have a bigger opening to work with.)

Let the carving commence! :)
Guys, be careful with the knife. I suggest using a smaller knife for this job and just be careful before you cut your finger off. lol

Once you're done with the carving, get your tea light candle and drop it in the center of your hallowed pumpkin. Light up the wick of the candle and you're done!

Happy Halloween everyone! :)

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