A Raconteur's Rundown v 1.2

Happy September everyone! :)

We're a month away from my birth month. (Which is pretty excitinggggg) I forgot to warn you about something, though. I didn't inform you about our tests. Soooo, that happened. That's my excuse for missing... 2? Entries... I think? and I'm happy to be back. (even if it's really late)

[ 1 ]

THE HIGHLIGHT of today's Raconteur's Rundown would be.... Zedd's True Colors Tour. I am freaking in love with everything that happened that night. From the journey to get to the venue, to the 'running until I find my friend' phase, to the concert itself, and to the ride back home. It felt like it happened in a flash.

My friends and I happened to agree into watching Zedd live. I freaking listened to his Album every. single. day. Through the 2 months of waiting to get to see him. Our tickets were surprisingly cheap; (considering that we're on the best spot in the house) and the date was just very convenient. (We just got our tests done a few days before)

I really enjoyed the night even if my shoes are all banged up by people accidentally stepping on me, people squishing us into a sandwich, people who pushed people to get to where they want to be, the smell of alcohol, the smell of smoke, poor ventilation and long opening acts that honestly bored the most of me. (Don't get me wrong, I did kind of enjoyed it. But I would rather see dj/producers (for concert opening acts) in the same genres as the one performing for the main act. People would surely enjoy that.)

Seeing Anton up made me smile like an idiot. There are fireworks, lights, confetti... ugh! It was amazing! He waved our flag–I LOVE IT WHEN PERFORMERS DO THAT. AND HE ALSO WENT OUT FOR THE ENCORE.

Money is not freaking wasted.

[ 2 ]

Since the 5th season of Game of Thrones has ended, I decided to fish some amazing TV Shows that has been running for quite a while now. I have been wishing to watch this show since It ended before.

So I'm currently on the 2nd season and Its a good one. I can feel it :)

[ 3 ]

See this pile of books?

I have been reading non-stop since the first Reading List. I'm in love with the stories and I'd rather read a book than watch a movie. Kind of a backwards thing before.

[ 4 ]


It's probably one of the things that I'll never get tired of. Last July, I've celebrated a good amount of birthday celebrations. Birthdays gives me opportunities to make somebody feel special every once in a while.

Here's a little something to remind you off;

Friends are supposed to be treasured. You'll never be the way you are now if it weren't for them. Take time to thank them whenever you get the chance. They are the ones who won't leave you even if you might be going through a tough period of your life. They keep you grounded whenever your pride gets the most of you and most of all, they appreciate you and love you even if they don't express them too much. :)

[ 5 ]

Another show that makes me cheer up every time I watch an episode. This follows a girl named Jesse as she moves in with 3 other guys in apartment 4d. This makes me want to move in with a bunch of high school friends after senior high :) Hahaha

[ 6 ]

An addiction..... Well, at least for the 3 of us. :)

My friends and I always get along through playing billiards. We wound spend most of our allowances on a game or two whenever we get the chance. This is probably my favorite after school activity that I'll never get tired of doing. I'm not really good at it but I'm planning to do better in the near future.

I need a pool table in my life.

+ + +

That would be it for a short Raconteur's Rundown. I'm working on something that I have been begging to show you. I'll have to do a few tweaks here and there but I'll get past it. Haha!

I'm also going to make my Mid-Year resolutions soon enough. We'll see my progress from the New Year's Resolutions that I made a couple of months back.. and I'll be adding a few more.

See you soon!

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