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As I said on my previous blog post, our Summative Tests are currently rolling. I always-always forget to think about a new blog post for these past few weeks and I'm almost failing my schedule. But of course, I wouldn't let that happen. I love what I'm doing and I love my readers so I don't want to let you down with a hiatus.

I gotta warn you, though. This is another list of things. I don't know why, but lists are my favorite kind of posts. Its simple and very informative. I thought that you guys might be too done with these type of things (probably yes) but still;

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1. Collect what you already know

File them up and skim through them!

2. List the things that you don't know

Its important to know what you don't know. It's basically a signal for development! Research on the things that you need to research and take down notes.

3. Ask questions

There are some things that you might not be able to understand in the internet and/or the teacher has different method on solving the problem (in math). Don't be afraid to approach teachers/other students whenever you don't understand things. They won't bite.

Approaching a teacher was one of my worst fears when I was still a kid. I literally think that they would shout at me for not listening in class(—but I do, listen. It's just I don't really understand the topic; that's all.) But it's actually the other way around! Teachers like questions. So get up from your sit, talk to the teacher and ace your test! :)

4. Ready your materials

You'll need a pen and all sorts of things in order to study. Highlighter, check!; Pen, check!; A pencil and eraser, check!; Calculator, check!— These things are simple. But they are fairly important. You can also get bright colored materials so that you won't get bored with studying! D-I-Y things ahead of time before studying :)

5. Create a reviewer

This will be your ultimate life-saver. I write important things (from my lecture notes, seat works, projects) down on a separate notebook and study that whenever I need to. Mobility at its finest. I usually go everywhere whenever I'm studying so, a notebook that has everything down will make things a lot more easier. If you're too lazy to write everything down, then just type things on MS Word, print it out and highlight important details. But if you have another way of studying, so then be it. You should pick your preferences for you to study effectively if I do say so myself. But if you need a new option, well then; there you go!

6. Re-read seat works, workbooks, quizzes and essays

The teacher will probably make up questions similar to the past ones, so study all the outputs that were given to you before.

7. Study in advance

Ugh. We all hate studying. But we need to study. This step is important. You wouldn't want to be the person who crams at 2 am because their tests are in a couple of hours.

Study hard in advanced, and study / skim when the date of the yet is finally nearing.

8. Stay inspired

You might have a crush and you want him to make him notice you; By being on top, he'll surely see you. (Effects may!) But kidding aside, yes. Staying inspired / happy will make your study journey a bit more easier than you not having goals as a student.

For your crush to notice you isn't the only goal for you to study. You can think about your future, in order to ell your parents, so that teachers will be happy, so that you will be happy.

9. Stay Organized

A clean working space is the way to go. It makes you remember the things that you need to be doing rather than procrastinating all-day.

10. Be in a study-ready environment

If you prefer a cafe, or a quiet bedroom, its your choice to make. This will greatly affect your movement while studying, so choose wisely. :)

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