June 2015 Favorites

Hello everybody!
I was actually contemplating on posting this for this week's entry. I never really planned this to be it, but I still need more photos and more things to add on the 'supposed entry' and I actually lost my memory card an hour before editing the photos in lightroom. (Talk about a bad day haha x) Anywho, good thing I was resourceful enough to make a new one.

June. Why does time flies by so fast? One minute I'm thinking about what I need to bring on my summer vacation, and now; I don't even know.

This month has been a very hectic month. It really tested me emotionally and physically. In order to steer clear of problems, I decided to go against them for once and cut all the negativity since it's just the first month of the school year. I don't want to bump into problems (even if there is actually a lot surrounding me at the moment) so I just disregard them for now.

1. Avon Vitaluscious Lipstick in 001 : Vita  Pink

Got this thing from a sale. I really wanted to venture out to paler looking lipsticks because I usually only gravitate towards plums and mauves. (Hi, Joanna and Caryll! HAHA) Since I just lost my other Vitaluscious lipstick, I bought this in its place. 

This product is just a few shades lighter than my lip color so It can pass as a "your lips but better color". It provides the right amount of gloss when worn, but I preferred it to be 'satin-y' finished, so I usually blot my lips with tissue before I head out the door. (I'll be giving this plus points because it smells like gummy bears)

2. "Pure Seduction" from Victoria's Secret

I've been living off of this perfume bottle for almost 3 consecutive years now. It has been with me inside my school bag every single day. I can now finally tell you that my signature everyday smell are of red plums and freesias. This fragrance smells fruity with a sweet hint of candies in it. 

3. Ariana Grande's 'My Everything (Deluxe)'

Obsessed with every. Single. Song. My love for the track "Why Try" is totally unexplainable. (Ari is going here in the Philippines this August! Unfortunately, I can't afford to go. But don't fret, I'll be present in Zedd's True Colors tour on the same month as her concert hihi. So if you want to see videos and other everyday shenanigans, head over to my snapchat; arapostrophe)

4. Magazines

My love for magazines has finally made a comeback. Haha! I read them from cover to cover so that I won't waste any money on me and who could practically resist Cara Delevingne's pretty face on the cover of Candy magazine's June ish.?!

Photo from : http://michellephan.com/make-up-is-here/
5. Michelle Phan's Make Up (Book)

This book has taught me a lot. From beauty to being an entrepreneur, from fashion to practical things that we use in our daily lives. Her wisdom doesn't stop on your screens. I've been greatly affected by Mish since her 'Bad Romance' tutorial. If you ever got the chance to get this book, I highly suggest you do.

+ + +

I'm happy to actually update this blog every single week. Its a really great achievement for me (considering the things that I need to do as a student) I'm sorry if the post isn't enough for you :( I'm gonna post a less-serious video on the next post and the requested videos / posts will be up quite sooner than you think.

I want to give a shout-out to me friend, Reg; For always being here by my side through ups and downs. :) Give her blog some love and tell her that I sent you x 

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  1. Thank you for this blog post! I now have an idea on what to blog next :) Maybe I'll start with my July favorites! hihi...

    I just get back to blogging! I hope you check out my blog too!

    Your Fashion Architect

    1. Thank you for stopping by! :) I just checked out your blog and found it incredible. I'll surely follow your blog through bloglovin' and wait for your "July Favorites" post in the future. x