A Rainy Day Reminisce

Hello readers! :) I have been thinking about posting a "chilled-out" type of blog post (in order to incorporate with the cold weather and gloomy skies) so I hope that this covers it. This will be a long chatty post... I'm just warning you hehe.

I have been sick these past few days and I don't know when my recurring colds will finally get tired of coming back. I have had a few amounts of "payong fails" {umbrella-related fails} this week. My umbrella just keeps on failing me HAHA. It would usually not cooperate whenever I'm trying to open it.

Planning. Planning. Planning.

That's what I do for a living. lol. No way, but I do hope that my job is just to plan things for someone.  (But unfortunately, life doesn't work that way.) Me and my friends made some impromptu surprises for a mutual friend. It successfully turned out not-so-great. But hey, it worked! :D

I'm also making a gift for someone dearly close to me. I'm current working on it, but I'll make sure to share it with you once its done.

I have been reminiscing a lot. I usually let those thoughts run all over my head for quite a while now. I miss those weekend trips to Laguna, 3 AM thoughts spilled over twitter dm's from me to someone, looking out for the ones you love, panicking over missing a plane flight, not getting lost in Shinjuku, shooting in Diliman, and a lot more. I want to make more memories this school year in order to reminisce on what had happened on the next few years and I hope that I can lead myself into doing that in the near future.

I miss Japan. I wonder why. I just felt like I have this instant connection with the place. I actually wanted to go back there in 2016 so let's see how that goes. :) I've been watching youtubers who are currently residing in Japan and I fell in love with Tokyo all over again.

I can't wait to take a newer set of purikura-printed photos {photo booth-printed photos} and doodling on them. I have Asian-eyes so that makes it a little bit more bigger than the usual hehe :)

I also remembered my love for tea and tuna spread. (A perfect combination with a pandesal ❤) {A type of bread found in the Philippines; Pictured above} I don't know why, but tea is basically a must-have for me whenever I am feeling lost. It rejuvenates me in a way; I can't explain it, but it does.

I actually finished a whole box of Green Tea in a short period of time. I usually drink tea every single day. Sometimes, twice. But I heard that that's not good for me.

My love for huskies finally went back. I was laughing at my dog, Caspar (pictured above) for doing such crazy things and him being so jealous whenever I get too close to other dogs. His ear is kind of yellowish in the photo because he has an ear infection going on (at the time) but is now feeling well than usual, so don't worry.

I also heard some stories about dogs being given away because they are not nice to people anymore. Our chow-chow, Choco is a very well-rounded dog. Chow-chow's are famous for being a deadly dog and sometimes, people won't even touch Choco because of their fears over-ruling them. I do believe that the attitude of your dogs depend on how you raised them since they were puppies. If you payed a lot of attention to them, they won't be growing up into someone you wouldn't want to live with.

+ + + 

How are you guys? It felt like I haven't talked to you guys for 3 weeks! My mind is tripping me. HAHAHA. I was actually thinking about doing a post just getting to know all of you. The "I would give out a questionnaire and you'll answer it through the comments" type of post; but I'm scared that no one will be taking the time to actually answer them. Same goes for an #AskAra I wouldn't know it you guys are interested with that. But if you are, go ahead and send me a question on Tumblr to be answered in a video (Include your Twitter usernames if you want to ;) ) 

I wanted to add a portion of this thing in my post because I just didn't want people to focus on me, alone. I want to know more about you guys and how are you doing, what do you do in your free time, and etc. etc. So please, let me know that you read my blog x

Second, I wanted you guys to also reflect on things. As a normal person, I would still get scolded by my parents for my wrong-doings. I would hate them for a short period of time and then, I'll think. Think about something that hit me hard a few years ago...

I lost a loved one and I was completely torn by it. I mentally slapped myself for not giving enough time to be with that person. For not taking the time to appreciate him/her when she was still alive. I remember saying sorry to his/her deathbed and thanking him/her for all the learnings that he/she thought me. I remember the pain rushing through me while sitting down the floor across the doors of the MICU ward... Guys, we'll never know someone's last good-bye. So remember that you have to seize every single day and I also want you to thank and be nice to people because of that matter.

I don't want to go deeper than what I really intend to. So I'm gonna leave it this way.

Thank you guys for reading this post. :) I'll promise you that the next post will be much more uplifting than this. hehe :) I love you guys and keep on doing what you want to do. ❤

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