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Hello everybody! (ha! see what I did there?)

I really need to take my fitness game up a notch because I know that I won't have much time for working out since the school year is about to start. Today, (or maybe tonight;) we are going to talk about stuff that maybe most of the peeps wouldn't know. I'm going to tell you why working out gives tons of benefits and I'll encourage you to do the same along the way.

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When I was still a child, I was diagnosed with a lung failure. I frequently get asthma attacks before; but as I'm aging up, it's slowly going away—but comes back unexpectedly at times, so I need my inhaler beside me at all times. That thing works like magic. But asthma attacks gets really weird when I'm in a state of anxiety. I think I do have a mild anxiety, but I don't want to the doctors 'cause it's not occurring a lot. But definitely happens once a month. I have trouble breathing, I overthink a lot, I tend to feel hot or cold, my heart is palpitating and I tend to tremble in worse cases. My parents don't want me to take up sports (even if I wanted to) because they're too scared about my condition.

Last 2014; after a huge wave of events that happened to me; I have finally woken up from a deep sleep. I wanted to change. Physically and emotionally. We all know that I'm a skinny person but, my stomach is not in a good shape before. With the help of my friends, they encouraged me to change. For good. (And also for the crop tops. They're a thing so I wanted to wear them confidently) At this note, I'm not encouraging you if exercising doesn't make you happy. Personally, working-out is my stress reliever–or even, whenever I felt bad about something, I workout. So that I would hurt myself at the same time as I'm having good results. (I know that its a bad reason. But it works) If others cut their wrists, this is my therapy slash torture lol. (Guys, please don't cut your wrists or anything else. Remember that all of you are beautiful and even if the situation is tough, it would be better in the future. You just need to hold on and I love you) I feel happy working out. My happiness is from there. At first, it felt like a job. But now, all I know is that I wanted to go to a marathon and run a lot.

I remember seeing Meredith (stilababe09 from youtube) who does this video with Cassey Ho. I was kind of inspired by then buttt not so much. I was searching through fitness goals on pinterest and twitter and I am in awe of how their body looks like. I searched through the benefits of working out and one of them is clearer skin! So I decided to search blogilates on youtube and took ab workouts. It was certainly hard before. I remember breaking my tailbone doing double leg lifts. I guess it didn't work? lol. I stopped doing double leg lifts for a week or so and was too scared to try it again. But when I finally did it properly, it started to become my work-out staple. I switched from Blogilates to XHIT because I felt like my progress is better with them. Every time my session is done, I always felt replenish and clean. I feel better about myself and it's something to make me push harder and harder even until now.

Do you remember the part where my parents didn't want me to take sports? They were really concerned about me working out. I heard "You're too young for this", "It's bad for you", "What's our purpose? You're not an athlete! Why do you need this?" First, It can challenge me and make me better. I have a lung failure. So I needed exercise so that my endurance would be better than ever. Second, I need to practice doing stuff or else I'll fail my PE class lol. Third, It has a lot of benefits. I was talking about every single reasons that I could think of every time they said things to me. But they finally let me do my thing and now, I'm a happy kid.

But of course, you always always need to take precautions all the time. Research, research, research. I don't know a lot about doctors and stuff. But it would be better for you to consult a doctor first (especially if you're young) My doctor told me to exercise whenever I can because its for my own good soooo, that's what I'm doing :)

I hope that I can manage working out in most days and continue doing it until(—and even after) my goal body. Be happy. Don't change for anyone. Change because you wanted to. Do it for you.

I love you and I'll see you on the next post. x

PS. If you have any questions for me (you can ask ANYTHING) leave me a message here.
PPS. I changed the blog's name.. You might get confused. x
PPPS. I can't wait for the next Raconteur's Rundownnn!

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