Photo Diary: Singapore 2011 & 2013

Happy Independence day, filo-s! Since we have a long weekend going on at the moment, I decided to post this week's article.—'Archives : Revisited'. A series that I will do in this blog. Maybe some of you might know that I have been blogging for about... 3 years now. I've been jumping from one platform to another. I made this to commemorate posts that were once in my previous blogs.

I went to Singapore with my family last 2011; and went back again on 2013. I never really found photos on my 2013 trip (I pretty sure I did took photos, but I know that the quality isn't the best) Though, if I ever get to see them, I will surely post it too.

I look sooo different when I was in 5th grade. I got chubby cheeks and baby fat all over me lol! You're surely laugh at me haha! 

    We went to Sentosa to visit USS. It was a magical place and all, but I surely do prefer Disneyland more than that. Even so, I was very happy to see my favorite dreamworks films in their own amusement rides. I rode all the 'baby' rides last 2011 so I definitely rode 'big' rides last 2013. I went to the mummy ride. Which I enjoyed the most. The thrill of not seeing the things around you is exhilarating and fun at the same time.

The transformers ride is A MUST. The wait will surely pay-off. The effects and the whole thing is thoroughly planned to make you think that everything that you're seeing is real. 

Check out the Jurassic Park! The Rapids Adventure is the most enjoyable ride in all of Universal Studios. Beware, though. You'll surely get wet on this ride. :) 

If you're not a big fan of the thrilling rides, check out; Water World. The show is very very cool. I think I've seen the show a lot of times to remember each and every cue that the actors need to make. There are explosives in this thing. Which is cooooool. Tricks, old things, boats, jet-skis, a storyline—this thing is epic.

If you are still not convinced with my words, go inside 'Lights, Camera, Action' by Steven Spielberg. You'll get to hear (and see!) the powerful work of movie making. There are burning fires surrounding you, a windy hurricane and more. That ride is my personal favorite.

We stayed at Geylang Road. The hotels in there are pretty cheap. The downside are cockroaches in the hotel that we stayed in last 2011... let's not talk about that. haha!

If want to venture out into eating different meals, there will be a lot of signs on that road. Make sure that you know how to use a chopstick just in case hehe. 

Their food is a mix of different races. I like the variation, too. They also have KFC's everywhere. But I must admit that their chicken tastes different than the ones here in the Philippines.

I actually have a horrifying story to tell you during my second trip in Singapore. I just got my braces the day before our flight. So during my second day there, the bracket that held my upper wiring in place, broke. That was located on the farthest right side. So the wire is up andddd, almost all of my brackets went loose. So I called my dentist ally he way from Singapore to Manila but she was already asleep. Soooo my cousin did what she does best and helped me with my problem. I didn't got to eat that night and it feels very painful. Thank ate yen for helping me.

We also hiked a peak that I forgot the name of. There was a giant Merlion there. Living in the skies. 

On our first trip there, the Merlion was under construction... but luckily, it was already buit when we got there for the second time around.

Would I go back again?... 

Probably, yes. But not in the near future. :) But overall, I surely enjoyed my stay in Singapore. I have left unfinished business there so.. I'll be back. :D

I know that this is not much of a photo diary because I explained a lot of things in this one. I only have a few photos for this one so I decided to add some content for the sake of the blogging purpose.

I have already created content for the nest few weeks so watch out for that! :) See ya!

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