A Raconteur's Rundown 1.1

Here's my second attempt to this series. Welcome, Raconteur's Rundown V.1.1.

[ 1 ]

I begged my father to bring me into the National Museum, located somewhere in Manila. 

I've been longing to visit this place since before, and I was so happy to finally see "The Spolarium" (see photo above) by the famous filipino artist, Juan Luna. I never thought that it would be gigantic. I'm not exaggerating. It's that big.

The whole museum isn't whole-y complete. Some floors and showrooms are not accessible because it's still under construction / renovation. Besides the painting on the walls, they also included statues, sketches, and a lot more. If you have the time to stop by, go ahead. Explore the wonders of our culture. You would regret going past the museum again.

[ 2 ]

Uhhhh.... How can I even start with going back to this wonderfully planned / unplanned event. 

Before the summer break's over, a couple of my friends decided to go and attend the #ThreenitySummerBlast party that the fandoms of The Vamps, One Direction and 5SOS created in one. We didn't get to grab tickets earlier. They only sell a total of 1,000 tickets during the pre-selling, and a thousand again, for the main event (for walk-ins likes us). So, we lined up with two more of our friends for an hour (probably more but I don't track of time hehe) and ended up not getting into the event. The tickets are out, and we have nothing to do. 

We decided to stop and eat in Mary Grace. I really want to explore more of the cities near Edsa, and Joanna (a friend of mine) suggested going to Katipunan. I'm always in Katipunan almost every week, but I never get to explore the city. So, we got into a cab (with a malfunctioning metro) and tried going to Barkin' Blends cafe.

The taxi driver isn't aware of the location, so we needed to ask some tricycle drivers to point the building out for us. We ended up in a different building, and trusted our instincts to locate the real one. We finally reached our target destination. There were cameras inside the cafe, so we needed to wait outside for a few minutes until their done. I think we even made a few shots (because they asked us if we could be filmed as part of their segment) so, we were just there eating—awkwardly. Not knowing what to do. 

After eating, we came into the Dog's corner. I met several cute dogs—that were unfortunately sleeping. We waited for them to wake up and I was just Skye's (the husky) yaya for a few hours. That dog's scary. But I love siberian huskies so... that was easy for me. Skye's eyes are a bright shade of blue. VERY intimidating, VERY scary, but also very fascinating. But I didn't let the fear stop me.

After going to Barkin' Blends, we decided to go to UP Town Center. Its a mall located near Maynilad. I didn't know that it was far away from where we're standing... so we decided to walk to UPTC. We stopped by NBS and took photos of the cars passing by. It was a really cool experience, walking from McDo Katip. to UPTC. I've finally got the taste of the things surrounding the road that we would just usually drive by to.

I thought we were getting close when we are already in the middle of Ateneo and Miriam. But I was wrong (as per usual haha) so we just continued to walk, and crossed the streets using an overpass, stopped by a church (and weirdly gate-crashed a wedding) and walked a few steps towards UPTC.

We went into most of the shops and we were surprised that it looks awfully familiar as Fairview Terraces. We stayed at Jamba Juice and walked around, planned restaurants to eat from, and successfully got my dad to bring us home.

Thanks for that wonderful day, J. Let's conquer Maginhawa in the near future. Lol :D

[ 3 ]

Photo from : http://www.hitfix.com/whats-alan-watching/review-game-of-thrones-the-lion-and-the-rose-long-live-the-king
I never really mention this show in this blog and I DON'T KNOW WHY. I've been obsessed with GoT again. I say again because, I've been watching this for a few months now and I'm in love with the story, the characters, plot twists, unforgivable deaths, and a lot more.

It's kind of not for my age but I'm open-minded and I don't care about the blood and gore that comes with this. If you're not sensitive with these type of things, go ahead and watch this show with me, tweet me about it, and let's be friends :)

[ 4 ]

This is also an unforgettable day for myself, Reg and Madi. We went to Ateneo to watch AHS Indak's DREAM concert. They made this event for charity (which is so freaking awesome) and they made choreographs that connects everything into the story being showed on-screen.

Good job, guys!

After the concert, we met Paeng; one of the best in the crew. After everything we did in AHS, we went to UP Town Center to eat dinner. We managed to visit 8cuts once again. I'm in love with those cheeseburgers. Ughhh.

We saw a rave happening from a not-so-far distance, we managed to get in. It's simply free, so why the heck not, right?

There's no alcohol involved (well not for us, at least.) We just came for the dancing and the music. We saw Ida Anduyan. One of the greatest bloggers in the Philippines. I didn't get the chance to take a photo with her, but at least I saw her, right? haha.

[ 5 ]

In the last Raconteur's Rundown, I tried to make you guys see that I have a potential in writing. I came back today, telling you that indeed, I am. I've finished two stories for two potential short films in the future. The first story is drama related and the second one, is about two people falling in love. A bit cliché but, that's what I got.

I'm currently typing the second one properly, while learning about production and post-production-related things. We'll see more of that in the future so stay tuned. :)

[ 6 ]

I joined the SSA Student Government Associates. One of the things that I wanted to try for so long now, but never really go into it. We had our first project / event last Thursday. It was a bit hectic and tiring, but it was fun and worth it.

Everyone included in the Student Government are really nice. I feel good for trying out different organizations this year; even if I miss my Coro San Antonio buddies, I need to try new things for a fresh start.

+ + + 

That's all for the second installment of Raconteur's Rundown. A new video will be up by July (or earlier; I'm still thinking about it) on my channel and on this blog. Also, I want to thank you for 12 subbies on youtube. It means a lot to me. I also want to make a special shout-out to people following me on bloglovin' and you constant readers. 

I'll do requested things on my blog soon. So watch out for that x

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