VLOG | April 2015's Adventures

Hello everybody! 

This thing took me a lot of days of uploading. It's supposed to be up last week, but our internet connection had a problem and I need to wait 5-7 hours just to upload these videos. But any who, everything is okay now.

April is the best month so far. If I could just go back in time using a time paradox, I would. I had tons of events to take part in and I hope that May would also be a good month for me. 

I'm currently thinking of blog posts to show you. I feel like I'm lacking content on this one. Same goes to my youtube channel. I finally figured out my camera! I learned how to finally focus that thing correctly so I apologize in behalf of my old youtube videos. I also learned how 'lighting' changes everything. So I'm going to do that on my future vids. New content will be up soon so check my channel out :)

I hope that you would enjoy 5 minutes and 47 seconds of my life x

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