A Raconteur's Rundown 1.0

I have created this series on my blog which summarizes the things that happened to me lately. It's hard to think of a catchy name for this one, but I thought of the word Raconteur;

I may not be much of a storyteller in your eyes but, I can assure you that I am an aspiring, young, writer / speaker. I can pretty much speak a bit well on my own publicly, or through the paging system. A pang of anxiety hits me so hard when I film youtube videos and I hate myself when that happens. I will try my best to speak like a human being the next time you'll see me haha. I also create short stories, skits, and a few more things on wattpad—but that is an entirely different thing haha. 

Then the word Rundown—as a synonym of the word 'summary'. (I have to make it an 'R' to make the words more catchy for the blog. lol) So, expect more of these posts in the long run.

During these past few weeks, I learned a lot about myself and discovering a few of my worst fears. Let's start from April 1st, shall we? :)

[ 1 ]

We went to a secluded paradise—just a few miles away from Tagaytay's busy streets. I was amazed by going through patches and patches of rice fields and end up cruising a mountain, gaining a nice view of the private beach. 

There were rentable bikes, man-made lakes, shops, game rooms, courts for playing sports, pools, a country club, a beach club, shuttles that goes around the area, trees, lilies, nice employees and towers named after exotic birds.

We stayed in the Jacana tower and we met my cousin's boyfriend and his family. They were so nice and they cook amazing dishes that I couldn't get over of. We stayed in Pico De Loro for three days; all I did was play with a kid, ride bikes, play wii and swam in the warm waters of Nasugbu.

During cold nights, we got out and walked a few blocks to the shore to look at the twinkling stars, bright moon, boats exchanging morse codes using their signal lamps to the nearby lighthouse and a faint sound of a band playing in the beach club. I buried my toes in the sand while listening to Ed Sheeran's recent album. It was from this Hamilo stay—that my current obsession with snapchat grew like a wildfire. (ADD ME! "arapostrophe" is my snapchat username)

[ 2 ]

If you have been following me on my twitter account; @AraCesista , you might have an idea about my broken phone. My phone lived 2 years (and still counting) before breaking down. (I hope it won't break down tho)

I can see through my phone's sides and I can peek a little closer to see its white back-light. I don't know if this thing is just about a 'bloated battery' problem... orrrr the screen has some issues.

My parents replaced it with a new phone that I'm happy about. Its battery life is AMAZING. I never had a phone that could do that. (or it's just because I don't use my phone that much..?) Its camera is awesome and those graphics. Damn.

[ 3 ]

My love for midnight / early morning strolls grew. Our current village isn't really 'Night Stroll' material.. So I don't go out at night even if I'm itching to do so. Whenever I'm in a new place, I will take 30 minutes and reserve it for long walks.

I currently had a long midnight stroll in QC Circle.....in nude pumps. (As a girl, I really need to practice walking in high heels or else I wouldn't be a lady. lol.

In my observations, there are tons of people working-out in the vicinity. There's someone who jogs, walks, runs and most of them just used the metal equipment made by the government that can be used  for working out sessions. (The QC government really did a great job on that thing) Sooo if you live close to the QC Circle and you want to tone your body, go ahead and spend a day there. :)

Me and my friends got out in a morning stroll for multiple purposes. It's nice to go out early in the morning to take in the fresh air and the quiet environment to go with it.

[ 4 ]

I discovered a really old place that is located somewhere in Makati City. Once you come in, there is an old grocery that has been closed down for years and years. It's connected into a newer building that has tons of ukay-ukay shops, old bookstores, gadget stores, some salons, a pawnshop, restaurants, a chapel, a new grocery, audio shops and a lot more. You wouldn't expect a lot from it when you see it from the outside.

I also discovered a firing range deep in the building's basement. My dad told me to try it and so I did. I just used a 9mm gun because I might not like the recoil of the other guns as a beginner. I think I did a pretty great job. Haha. Take a look on my shots below:

We came back to Makati yesterday and we came back there. I looked at dresses and bought books that I will talk about in a short while haha.

We brought my tita and two cousin's for dinner in a restaurant across from the building. We went to this area called 'Little Tokyo' and ate in a yakiniku restaurant.

[ 5 ]

One of my circle of sisters— 'thrill' decided to have a slumber party in one of our friends' house. So we did that. We played a lot of rounds of truth and dare. All of us ended up being wet and some— a few different consequences.

The next day, we went to SM Megamall to try to ice skate for the very first time. It was hard at first; but now, I got a new obtained goal that I'm very happy about :) (Special shout-out to Reg Abbariao! :D I love you, girl!)

[ 6 ]

I have this scary nightmare.. of reading the classics. Haha. I never thought that I will be into Shakespeare, Austen, Dickens, Caroll, Doyle and a few other ancient authors. I was once amazed by Mr. Darcy's letter to a maiden named Elizabeth from Austen's Pride and Prejudice. My fascination grew because of this certain fan fiction that I read in wattpad a few weeks ago. 

I was out yesterday and decided to find Austen's Pride and Prejudice in an old bookstore in Makati. I couldn't find it anywhere. I was about to get Sense and Sensibility—another great book from Austen; when I saw Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Macbeth and Hamlet—with a modernized english version beside the old english script. So I bought Shakespeare's AMND and H instead. Haha.

So now I'm currently reading AMND and just focusing on the old english side. When I need a little help, I will just take a look on the right side of the page to see the modernized one and highlight the words for future reference.

+ + +

After the gun shooting stuff and the ice skating trial, my body as been going down on the ground. I have multiple problems with my muscles and it's hard to put my arms up. But luckily, It's all good now. I'm just dealing with a skin fungal infection, but it's slowly healing now.

I think that this will be all for the very first Raconteur's Rundown. I will post a blog coming up soon. Once this thing is up, I'm currently editing the vid. :)

This is my 30th post! *squeals* We've made this far! haha :) Thank you for still keeping up with me.

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