The Iron Suit Project

This is the thing that I have been thinking about for quite a long time now. It's mainly absurd, but awesome.

I have been longing to create an Iron Man suit since I fell in love with the movies. I have done some research on how to get things done. I have found this site called "Instructables" and it helped me so much. I borrowed files from creators and swear to follow the steps and to upgrade things once in a while so that it won't be the "exact same copy".

I will blog my journey--'Our' Journey. This is a project that I want to make with my dad since before and I hope that we can make this work.

To follow our journey, check out The Iron Suit Project on tumblr.

I hope that I can see you there! :)

and oh, the #SummerReady series will still be up in a bit! I just need to sneak this in a bit here :)

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