REVIEW | Wet 'N Wild Intuitive Blend Shade Adjusting Foundation + Primer

 Hi lovelies! I'm back with a new review for you.

I have been seeing this around Lazada for quite some time now.. I have read multiple review about this and most of them aren't THAT GOOD. I felt a little intrigue so I knew that I need to find out for myself.

This "Foundation" is available in 4 shades. Fair, Light, Medium and Tan.
Its Claims & Ingredients:

As stated, it comes with "color beads" that allegedly "adjusts" to your shade.

It includes 1 oz. of product (28 g) and is pretty small but a good amount for its price range.

I picked up the shade "Medium" and tested the product on the back of my hand.

As you can see, it produces pearl beads which includes the color / shade inside when you pop it and it comes with an almost-clear liquid. I rubbed it in to see what happens.

It has glitter on it-but not too noticeable. To be honest, It never did anything on my skin except that It created a flawless base for a real foundation or any product the goes with it. The name itself can be misleading and I would strongly suggest that Wet 'N Wild should've changed its name into a "Tinted Primer" which has a semi-matte finish. It feels very light and silky (which lived up to one of its claims) 

You also wouldn't get an exact amount of products when you add it into your skin because the beads don't go with the white liquid for the most part (which is a total bummer) The smell isn't so nice.. but you wouldn't smell it all over your face when you apply it on. It doesn't match to your skin-or it really did because I couldn't see anything. (Oh no... this is becoming a rant) 

I wouldn't recommend this to any of you out there. I love Wet 'N Wild's lipsticks and some of their eyeshadows and It made me kind of not like it anymore because of this one. I have read that people had bumped into problems with this product (ex. itchiness, it stings) Fortunately, none of those happened to my face soooo yeah.

I would rate this product a 3 out of 5. You might think that I should've given less, but It's a really good drugstore primer so that's a plus.


I hope that my review helped and I am looking forward to a bunch of new opportunities this summer time :) Our classes will end in 2 days and I'm excited about it. (But I'm going to miss my classmates so much that I feel like leaving them will hurt me so bad...) But here's to great end!

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