2 | #SummerReady Essentials!

Here's the part 2 of my #SummerReady series :)


["Paano Ba 'To" by Bianca Gonzales & "Paper Towns" by John Green both from NBS]

I am really into reading every single summer time because one, I have nothing to do; and two, I want to 'actually' read my books (most of them are just sitting here on shelves gathering dust) and I feel bad for them. After a trilogy that I'm currently reading, I'll go through Paper Towns by John Green because the movie will be showing soon and he is my favorite author right next to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.


[Hair-ties from 999 Mall; Essie Nail Polish in "Bikini So Teeny" from Lazada & Yellow Lacquer from Forever 21]

We are not allowed to wear nail polish to school that's why this summer, I will take the freedom of using nail polish and use tons of bright colors to represent my moody feeling haha. As for hair-ties, it's a necessity for every girl. Even if I have short hair, clips and small hair-ties are still my besets friends in this tropical paradise.


[Instax Mini 25 from Japan & Lifeproof iPhone 5 case from Lifeproof]

We all need to take a little souvenir with us whenever we head out somewhere, right? Instead of buying over-priced trinkets, why not just take photographs? :) 

Admit it, you can't live without technology and you also need to take the effort and take care of it. This awesome phone case from Lifeproof not only resists my phone from water, but also from mud, snow and it's completely shock-proof!


UV rays can hurt your pretty faces (and hair; too.) so you must (I repeat, MUST) protect it from the sun.


Includes beauty necessities and a whole lot more (to see the whole bag, you gotta wait for a few more #SummerReady posts hihi)

and lastly....but definitely not the least-


A basic necessity for a human being lol. You need to stay hydrated!

+ + +

That's all for the third installment of the #SummerReady series. Keep your eyes peeled for more :)

(ps: this has been in my drafts for a week now (content + photos) and I'm currently figuring out why I never posted this as soon as I made it..... maybe because of internet connection problems? uhhh idk but the post is up so there's nothing to be worried about!) 

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