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Hi Guys!
I'd like to present you a little series coming up this Summer in my very own blog. I got this bright idea in school yesterday and thought of the preparations needed and I think I should've thought of this last January but since this is in such short notice, I promise to post it as 'early' as I can.

Some schools are off with the term and some are not but hey, this could be a really good reference for your vacation every summer, yeah?

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This first article will be about the long-term things that you need to decide on.


Summer can be a little bit cray-cray. Hotels and resorts are full all the time! (Especially when they get amazing exposure from television shows)

Soooo I recommend weeks before your date of relaxation. You need to plan for this. You need an agenda. You need a intinerary!

Find amazing spots local & international (If going somewhere international, you can get a pretty good deal and not much of a hassle because we celebrate the summer season differently from theirs, so there wouldn't be a ton of people getting on your way when booking for a place to stay)

You gotta get your game up, girl! (or boy)

If you want to stay in the metro... try


Photo credit : http://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/01/ee/93/74/metro-manila.jpg
Places to Visit:

1. Manila Ocean Park

Perfect for families-especially targeted for kids and people who are interested with sea critters. You will get to see amazing laser light shows, mermaids, penguins, sharks, stingrays and a whole lot more! Has different amenities that everyone can enjoy.

2. City Of Dreams Manila

Summarized as a whole package. A place where you can stay, dine & play all at the same time. If you're curious about De Niro, Scorsese & DiCaprio's commercial popping up on your television screens, why not see for yourselves? :)

3. Intramuros

Go back in time and explore Manila's ruins that withstood war. If you're fascinated by architectural designs and reading through facts, this is the perfect stop for you. (PS: ride a kalesa while touring the city!)


Places not too far from the metro...

{Tagaytay / Batangas / Cavite}

Photo by Gerry RuizPlaces To Visit:

1. Sky Ranch

Rides?! Of course we want them! :D The thrill on a boat-like structure near the edge of a cliff would be awesome! They also offer other rides that anyone would enjoy.

2. Laiya Beaches

Whenever we need to get away from the chaos of the city, we always end-up in Laiya, Batangas. It's a nest full of beach resorts to choose from!

I'm pretty sure that there's a lot of places to visit in the Philippines! I wish I could make a whole list of places that you guys will surely want to go to, but I need to make the #2 in this article...

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You need to get a little bit off from your savings for you to go to a different place. I think the most amazing thing that you can actually do is to travel. For me, travel is luxury. And when we usually go out, we spend wayyyy more than we should. So it's always good to be ready and to save up for something as a reward for yourself because you, deserve a good break :)

Ask your parents or any person that you know that could help you raise money for your Summer Escapade. Try selling food out, bracelets, try to resell something, do a garage sale.. There are multiple ways to save up money! It wouldn't be easy but, everyone needs a good 'ol goal right? :)

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A lot of people are working hard for their bods to be in shape (maybe including me..?) but I don't care if people around me doesn't have the perfect body. I want to see people confident with their own body and I love people who loves their own body. Who cares if you don't have a perfect body? Rock it, girl! (or boy again hihi)  Buy a swimming wear that you feel good in and go ahead and hit the beach! :)
 But before you take a dip in the pool or go anywhere else, wait for the rest of my series and you will get to see my routines and my summer essentials :)
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See you on my next post!

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