Les choses que je adorent récents | Favorites

{1 : Magazines}

My dad bought me tons of magazines (and a loooooooooot of back issues). Oh I love perfume samples included in each magazine! I never read magazines from cover to cover before, and I surprisingly did it with a couple. It relaxes me to read about what I love. I like reading tips and tricks, celebrity interviews and to basically steal a favored person's sense of style. ;)

{2 : Iron Man Sanitizer Holder}

I honestly don't know what these are called. BUT I LOVE THEM. Especially this Iron Man one. It's cute anddddd protects you from illness spreading germs! :)

{3 : Hair Products with Argan Oil}

These products make my hair feel soft, shine, tangle free and away from split-ends. I use the Nature Republic Argan Conditioner in a daily basis. I think that it basically does the job. It has a very thick formula which hugs all your hair and deeply nourishes it. I only apply it from the middle part of my hair towards the ends.

The shampoo works wonders as well. It feels very light and it has a gel like consistency. I lather it up on my roots 'till the ends of my hair before I apply the conditioner. The Argan Oil Hair Mask is very cheap plus it smells great. I apply this all over my hair and let it sit for 5-10 minutes every once a week to condition my hair thoroughly.

{4 : Tightlining}

This is popping up everywhere for a few years now and I don't get why you should poke your eye into blinding yourself if you can't even make a feline liner look? lol 

I'm just pointing out that this thing... IS HARD especially for beginner's so I basically didn't try it before. I already practiced my winged-liner skills and now, I'm into tightlining. I never really get the hype at first, but then I realized that there's a space on your lashes and it doesn't look good with your regular eyeliner routine. When I tried this; It. Changed. My. Life. I am not basically blessed with visible lashes (I'm on my way into growing them lol) so this step is very important. 

{5 : Papemelroti}

Papemelroti is a local craft shop here in the Philippines. Whenever my crafty side is itching to try a new DIY, I always go to this exact place. They sell notebooks made from recycled papers (I basically own a ton of them haha), paper clips, wind chimes, handmade accessories, pins, boxes and a whole lot more. When I step into one of their shops, I quickly want to grab a pumpkin spice scented candle and burn it while I explore the space of coziness.

{6 : White Collar}

I just started watching this series because a friend of mine suggested them. I fell for the characters of the series (especially Neal Caffrey) and their witty mind-set. It's amusing to see them figure out crimes throughout New York city. (My friend introduced me to GoT andddd I will definitely watch 'till the recent episode haha. The last few moments of each episode definitely caught my eye. I wanna watch the next episode right away)

{7 : Avon Eye & Face Makeup Remover}

Oil based. Definitely works like a charm. I only use a few drops and omg you guys, you better buy this in Avon. A swipe can take away mascara / eyeshadow / eyeliner and the rest of your face makeup in a flash. 

(Comment down if you want me to make a review on this one because I'd be glad to!)

That's all for my (not monthly) favorites. :) 

 After a 2 week (or 3 week) break from blogging, I learned a lot more about blogging. "But wait! How did you learn things about blogging if you can't even update your own blog?" 

Here's an answer...

I have read forums and other blog posts on blogging tips, taking a short break and etcetera. If you have been hanging out on my blog for quite sometime now, I have been changing themes/templates. From the simplest to the most quirky one. I've tried it. I dealt with html's for 2 days and It made me crazy.

But I took a step back and just update my current template. I planned the upcoming blog posts going through this blog and made a list for it too. I also took a break because of my studies. I don't do blogging as a full time job. It's a hobby that I want to explore more of.
I'm getting back on track with photography and expect to see portfolios out soon.

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