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Hi Lovelies!

I'm back with my recent purchase from @NyxWPH. I bought this way back on December but I got the products this January (because it's a pre-order website) and she sells drugstore and high-end brands from the US and ships nationwide. (I couldn't link you to her website because they are currently constructing a new site. But I will definitely update you on their new website soon)

I bought 3 things from them.

First one are these Real Techniques Core Collection brushes.

I had the Starter Set for a while now, and I can say that it's pretty amazing. I am itching to get my hands on these brushes and It's finally here with me!

It includes 4 brushes (and please excuse the dirty ones on my photo hihi) and they are very fluffy. 
Every single brushes do their job well and I am extremely in love with the buffing brush. It has a seamless finish that I absolutely adore! (I will make a review on the Starter Set and this one soon. So please check that out in the future :])

This is the Wet 'n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit in the shade "Ash Brown"

I have heard so much about this stuff and my only concern is that this is the only shade available for this brow kit--but I think it works well for everyone as I tried it on my brows. It includes two powders; (the light and the dark one) and a wax to set everything. It has a little brow brush that can make very define lines and the tweezer is too small (well at least on my opinion) but I think it can work. 

I looked the back part of this kit, and it says that it has a mirror in this one. But I can't find it when I laid my eyes not this thing. I was like; "ohhh they forgot to add it in!" "where is it?" and I feel shameful when I slide the side drawer out because it revealed the mirror. lols!

I originally bought the shade "Mauve" but she texted me and told me that the shade isn't available anymore so I had too select another one. So I opt for the shade Natural because it gives the same color tone.

I love this thing because it's very close to my real lip color. I pair this lip liner with my nude to mauve  lipsticks.

At first look, you might think that it's a medicine of some sort. I was a bit scared to check this one out 'cause I thought that it might be a drug. But I did my research and found out that it was a lip stick sample from Urban Decay. (Thank you so much for adding this thing!)

It's in the shade F-Bomb and I would definitely try this out!


Those are the three things that I bought from them and I will do reviews on the products soon.

I will be a little MIA but I'm working on a vlog starting tomorrow because I'm going out somewhere with my father and I will try to film footage for you.

So that's all and I'll see you on the next one!

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