Trip To Manila

I have been MIA these past few days because I went to Manila with my dad for our mini vacation (slash the reward given to me by my parents for a job well done in school) 

I honestly haven't seen Manila that clean in a very very long time now and that's because Pope Francis visited the lovely heart of our country.

We stayed at Solaire (which is oh so wonderful!)

I managed to persuade my parents to stay there again this summer time and I'm very excited for our great comeback. *laughs*

Enough said, I prepared a little blog for you and I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I edited it and failed to upload it for 3 times already haha.

Here you go!


I prepared a new Closet Staple blog post for you and it will be up in a few days and I'm currently editing a Mini Haul video that will also be up soon too!

Am I doing great with my blogging goal? lol

But I'm pretty sure I'm doing well versus the past year. ;)

Thank you for watching / reading this post!
See you on the next one!

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