My New Year's Resolution

Hi Guys! I'm finally back after that break! wew!
I hope you had a great holiday! I decided to go to Laguna and Tagaytay (2 places in the Northern part of the Philippines) to wrap up my 2014. It's sooooo cold there and I wasn't expecting the cold here in Manila though. But it turns out to be cold too.

Any who, I decided to create a New Year's Resolution list. It's been there since before but honestly, I never made one for myself because I thought that it was a bunch of crap-- like, how can someone reach and actually do the goals they set for themselves? Buttt don't get me wrong, 2014 taught me about having goals and reaching them and so far as my own goals would go, I accomplish it no matter what. So I guess I could leave this here right now..(and see if I really did everything written in here by the end of the year.)

1. Drink tons of water.
{this is very important}

2. Save money.
{So I could shop 'till I drop and help others along the way!}

3. Give something to your parents.
{I really need to do this. I never even gave them a single gift since before >_<}

4. Take long walks.
{This past week, me and my cousins were going out in the middle of the night to walk around the neighborhood and to my surprise, it feels good to walk miles and miles}

5. Cut the soda.
{I'm on my way to stop drinking this. But I can't help but drink Pepsi Blue and A&W root beers when I see one :(}

6. Eat less junk foods.
{I think I can pretty much survive a full month without eating junk food}

7. Make time for yourself.
{I just need to time to lay-low and relax}

8. Blog like no other.
{I will try to create a weekly schedule if I ever got the chance to balance everything up already. But I promise you that there will be more blog posts up soon}

9. Listen more.
{This is also important}

10. Flat stomach by the end of the year.
{I want to be in tip-top shape}

11. Create a recipe book.
{I think I'm going to do that after I publish this... lolz}

12. Read more.
{I need to read often}

13. Smile more often. :)
{A smile is the best accessory a girl can wear}

14. Have more friends--and rekindle old ones.
{Stay social!}

15. Cook "real" food.
{I've been cooking for the past year and I think I'm starting to love it!}

16. Explore my country more.
{This land has amazing sights that I need to see}

17. Increase your make-up skills.
{I'm going to save up for products and other equipment. So I better do this right! hehe}

18. Clean your room.
{This is essential}

19. Raise Caspar properly.
{He's my 1 year old husky}

20. Practice my posture.
{I don't wanna slouch for the rest of my life}


Those are my Resolutions! How about you? have you created one? :) If so, let me check that out! :) Comment down below or tweet me @AraCesista so we could be friends!

That's all for now

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