Closet Staples #2 | V-Neck Shirts

Closet Staples #2 V-Neck Shirts

This is my ultimate go-to shirt. My holy grail out of holy grails. Wanna know why?

This shirt is very versatile. You can style this in any way you want to. Partly tuck it in your shorts or fully, you can always find a better way to wear this.

I honestly don't wear these kind of shirts before. My guy friends are in-love with v-necks and all I know is that guys are the only ones allowed to wear this, but of course, as usual; I'm wrong.

100% cotton, has a variety of colors, unisex and very comfortable. From that moment forward-- I knew, it was the thing to wear. I went into different stores that sells v-neck shirts. Some of them were pricey, so I was really eager to find the cheapest one that I can find. I stumbled upon Forever 21, and I saw the price tag. ₱ 195 each????? I NEED TO BUY THIS. So I bought 2 colors and bought more every once in a while. (They actually made the price higher now... idk why :((( but I'm still buying it anyways)

You can borrow your dad's, your boyfriend's, guy friends' shirts and try this closet staple out! :) 

andddd I'm kind of inspired to do something out of this post.....

But I wouldn't tell it to you.

....yet. :)

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