I go to seek the great perhaps.

My life has been going up and down lately. Constantly grasping for air and catching it. Going on this infinite labyrinth that I'm stuck in-- But I'm never planning on leaving. My life lately had been this huge chunk of snowball stuck inside this avalanche. There were tons of problems and I know that we're going to resolve it. And guess what? It happened again. And it also got resolved. I don't even get my attitude, or even other people's attitude around me. It swept me away and landed me on a cold hard ground.

But all those sad news aren;t meant to depress you." Hey, Cheer Up!" Those are the words that I'm constantly chanting over and over again. I felt like a lot of my friends should be seen from a different angle before other people could judge them. It's weird that people want to make fake labels about fake things. It drives me mad.

November (And the past few months) taught me that every door that closes on you opens a new one. And you should take the steal. I'm currently enjoying life right now. just doing what I love and what i can do and what I am supposed to do. I tend to study more rather than doing irresponsible things. I can manage time wisely and I think it's a good thing... right?


Myself, and dad went on a shopping trip last November at Divisoria (which you can buy very very cool things for a super cheap price) I never enjoyed going there before (as a kid) but then I realized that It was full of wonder. *teehee* on that same day, we went to one of my relative's spa opening.

I have been studying and doing homework's (which I don't do much before hoho) and I have been constantly going out and about that same week. We get to visit one of our friend's who is stuck on this hospital because of dengue. (He's doing well now!)

My family also went to SM Mall Of Asia to watch the #Skechers10 Final Battle on the MOA Arena and the three of us got a ticket upgrade to V.I.P. *squeals*

And before the end of November, we had this thing called the "English Week". Every year has a new theme but this thing right here-- oh don't even get me started. The script was utterly well written. Oration, Declamation, Debate, Stage Play, Radio broadcastings and a whole lot more. The whole "Radioactive" thing made me think wayyy too much for 2 weeks before the exact week. I really want to watch this whole day program, but then we need to win to get tickets. So they held a debate battle in every single classrooms and the members of the winning team will get to watch the program. We won. But it turns out, we can only watch a part of the program. But since we had connections, we decided to take photos for the Literati club, and so, we stayed there for the whole day. Here's a little selfie of our class after the hectic day:

A couple of days passed and me and my friend, Kloe; decided to eat dinner at Tokyo Tokyo and roam around to find pandas and legos.

A day after that, I started to find my way back into the chocolate's loving arms. I've ben craving for sweets for a log time now. And I decided to take a little break from all these exercises and cheat for a couple of days. 

And to wrap up the whole month, I accidentally bumped into a famous local basketball player (whom I longing to meet since before) and they told me to do the hashtag #KieferAtJamba when I post our selfie and I can win prizes afterwards if I was one of the chosen people. It turns out that the 5 of us won and I got a signed GC + a jamba juice tumbler. (Which made me very happy. :)) Thanks again, Jamba Juice!)

That pretty much sums up my whole November. I'm going to post 2 videos on my youtube channel this December and I hope that you'll go and wait for that :) And Lastly- I got to read Looking For Alaska this month andddd I never actually understood why Fifty Shades Of Gray was a great book, but I decided to read it anyway HAHA :)) I'm on the second book already and please don't freaking spoil me! ;) See you on the next post! Bye!

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