Insta-Recap | October 2014

Ahhhhh... October. A month full of ups & downs, unexpected turn of things and all that kind of stuff.
1: You might remember the first picture from a shoot that I made with my friend, Kloe. You can check out the blog post here.

2: The second picture was taken in SM City BF Parañque. I can't forget the super long traffic that we went through just to support my cousin's dance crew (whose representing University of the East) I screamed my hearts out and it pretty much worked ;) They got into the finals andddd I will be watching! So see you there! :)

3: Me and Joanna tried Jamba Juice for the first time when we went out shopping after class. Our drinks tasted like gummy bears--which is always nice.

4: That cake. Don't even get me started with  my birthday cake. Diabetes wrapped up in a pretty bow. Urgh. *barfs rainbow*

5: I'm still with Joanna. Rocking our PJ's out.

6: This selfie was taken after our dance performance for our school's foundation day. I think I was on my way to my cousin's birthday party that day...

7: Me, Nicole & Kloe. Hanging out in San Mateo Rizal for a night swimming. I drank water from the pool that day and almost got hit by something I do not know about. I had a great time with some close friends and we got to enjoy finding my phone which is dropped into the water while taking underwater selfies with one another.

Stay tuned for next month's November Recap!

xoxo, Ara.

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