Closet Staples #1 | Nude Pumps

Closet Staples #1 | Nude Pumps

Are these shiny, red-laquered soles familiar? Oh yes. They are both from Christian Louboutin's line. The perfect pair of heels that any girl can wear in any given occasion; any time. Nude pair of heels are the my main must-have in life. (I simply cannot live without them)

You can wear it with anything. An outfit that goes from and day to night. I mostly wear them with dresses. But it doesn't stop you from wearing it some black slacks! Never ever doubt the power of the nude heels. It compliments everyone.

Nude colored footwear are the life-saver's of petite girls. Wanna know why? The pointed heels + nude color combination gives out an illusion of longer legs and that trick works like a charm. Look at Kristen Stewart from the photo above; (Taken at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival) She can serve as your new fashion (and hair) inspiration.

These pair should be part of your Christmas wish list. Designer pairs can also serve as a new investment for the next year coming but it doesn't matter that you need to buy a pair that costs a fortune. You can reward yourself by finding the perfect pair which is supposed to be comfortable for you to walk in.

So, will this Closet Staple be part of your wardrobe anytime soon? ;)

Closet Staples #1 | Nude Pumps by arapostrophe featuring t-strap pumps

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