First off, I want to deeply apologize for the lack of posts. We had our Summative Test these past few weeks and I clearly need to study. I was actually supposed to post something before this, but it just ended up being there long with the other drafts I have created.

So, how are you guys? It's been awhile and a lot of crazy things happened in my life. (And I'm pretty sure that you experienced some-- too.) 

On these "unexpected turn of events" type of roller coaster I'm currently in, needed a soundtrack of its own. After several albums, I quickly fell in love with this.

At first, I was contemplating on buying this album for myself. I wasn't really assure of the new stream that Taylor has been in since the Red Era. From country, to pop. What a big step. But I knew, I knew for myself that being a swiftie just goes with the flow and I treat all of Taylor's decisions with respect so I decided to get the album on iTunes. 

I tried to familiarized it with my ears but It just didn't get it. I found out more about the deluxe edition on the physical copy and stuff. That's when I got pretty excited and I finally read between the lines and knew that this album was so much more than it really was. 

Then, I fell in love with it. Slowly.... Then all at once.

There were so many speculations about the physical album here in our country. Which took me to the point that there was no chance of me getting the physical album with the 13 polaroids in one. There was a delay of stocks, the printing process isn't very good, there are no photos on the newest batch and so on and so forth.

I've had enough and decided to buy an imported copy from Japan. And after a week of waiting, It arrived in the mail.

I was very excited and I quickly grabbed the cutter to open the package and there it goes. Taylor's face covered with the numbers "1989". T.S. below and D.L.X. right beside it.

I sync-ed it into my laptop and listened to it. And to be honest, there wasn't a day were I didn't play the whole album in shuffle and on repeat. I quickly memorized all of the songs and tied my best not to over-kill my gadgets because of hitting the play button on and on.

I have to admit that the price is too pricey. P850 here on the Philippines (which is actually too much) but as I said, I wasn't really sure of buying it on here because there were problems with the stocks etc. Japan has it for about Y2000-3000 I think? Which is way too much when you converted it to Philippine Peso. But since I don't care too much about that and I only care about the music, let it be.

The one that I got has another booklet-- In black and white. Which includes the Japanese translations of the lyrics on the album.

I'd give this a 10/10. And it's worth every penny.

What are your thoughts about T-swizzle's new album? Are you also In Love with it? :))

Tell me what you think below.

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