Hi Wanderers!

Hi Wanderers! I'm Ara :)

I just moved in here from my old blog which is http://arapostrophe.weebly.com I need a fresh new start and I really want to try out Blogger for the first time.

It did get trickier than weebly because they support the drag and drop stuff to make it easier. Now, I have to deal with HTMLs and all that good stuff.

I studied web programming but now, I have no idea what I'm clearly doing.

I'm a student from Manila, Philippines. I'm only 13 and I have shared my fair share with blogs. From tumblr, to wordpress to weekly and nooooow, I'm here. Sooo... yeah.

Photography is my hobby. So if you need any help for photo shoots and stuff, I'd be here to help! (Check 'Contact' on my navigation bar) I'm also part of a singing choir and a speech choir. Which is too much for me to handle in a day. I'm an outgoing person and I like o try new things. So you would probably have more fun reading through my blog for the next few months to come.

This blog is still under renovation. I'll post some of my old blog post from the previous blog so that you guys can check out old content.

I'm excited to start a new journey with you guys. I hope that these following months would be a blast.

xoxo, Ara.

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