DIY | Galaxy Shoes

I've seen this DIY for thousands of times now. And I was just inspired by a simple black canvas shoes to start on this cool project. 

Materials / Things Needed : 
- A Pair of Black / White Canvas Shoes
- Masking Tape
- Shoelaces (Optional)
- Sponges
- Brushes
- An Old Toothbrush
- Acrylic Paint (Colors White / Black / Red / Pink / Blue / Violet)
- Lint Roller (Optional)
- Coconut Oil (Optional)
- Alcohol (Optional)

Let's Get Started! 

To start off, get your shoes and masking tape ready. I chose a black canvas shoes from Forever 21 as my base because I find it cheaper than buying a pair of Vans.

Get your tape and then start to cover up all around the rubber part of your shoes.
The Next step is to take off the shoelaces. This is pretty much optional but I'd rather take the shoelaces off if I want to replace or make them look clean afterwards.
All I did was mixing and matching colors that replicates the nebula. So I started out with cutting my sponges into different shapes and then dipping and applying them into the shoe

When I'm almost completely done turning my regular shoes into a galaxy, I dipped my super small brush into a white paint to add little star decals all around my pair of shoes. (If you want to add more "star-like" properties, go ahead and grab an old toothbrush and then dip it in to the combination of water and white acrylic paint. Go and whisk the toothbrush using your thumb and just keep on doing that to have small dots around your shoes)
When you're done with everything, lock it up using a gloss varnish
We're almost done! Take off the masking tape around your shoes clean off the sticky residue using alcohol, oil, tissue and some cotton.

Now, for the last step, thread the laces back or use a new one that fits right for the nebula shoes.

Now you have your own Nebulas / Galaxy Kicks! ☺

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